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At 2:39am on September 4, 2007, joe miller said…
Thanks for the link.
I've been thinking the group is to large as well.
At 1:50am on September 4, 2007, Dennis Leppanen said…
Hi Cheryl,

Your name is familiar, so---as a lifetime journalist, I snoop. I go through Louisville several times a year, well at least twice.

I met Nevada Barr back in the early nineties, on an island in the middle of Lake Superior called Isle Royal. She was a Park Ranger there writing a novel called Superior Death.

My, how time flies.

Best wishes, and continued success.
At 2:08pm on September 3, 2007, joe miller said…
I'm in a good group now, but it seems to be expanding with long waits between critiques. I looking in my local chapter to join a Atlanta RWA critique group.
Thanks for the Advice.
What is the website for the online RWA suspense critque group?
At 6:22pm on August 31, 2007, James Houston Turner said…
G'day again Cheryl - I will pass on your kind words to my son. He is always blessed to hear from wonderful people like you. Pizza on tap, too, my friend, when your book is out and you're touring Australia. Blessings!

James Houston Turner
At 3:23pm on August 31, 2007, joe miller said…
I signed up with the local chapter and it seems to be very supportive. I am in a critique group you think a one to one critique partner would be better?

Take Care
At 9:51am on August 30, 2007, James Houston Turner said…
Great meeting you here on Crimespace, Cheryl. Kudos & Congrats on your new book sale. Stories like yours...restore our hearts! Keep it up!

James Houston Turner
At 5:09am on August 30, 2007, JackBludis said…
Ah, yes. The writer's journey. Very similar to the screenplay paradigm, except that the writer's journey also tells us about the achitypes. I didn't remember that the writer's journey talked about the three acts, more like the nine points to hit--a little more detailed than the screenplay paradigm, at least more detailed than the one I know.
At 5:06am on August 30, 2007, Cheryl Norman said…
LOVE Dee Henderson. I wish my series measured up to her writing, Jackie!
At 12:36am on August 30, 2007, Jackie Houchin said…
Thanks for the invite, Cheryl. Your series sounds a little like that at Dee Henderson. Are you familiar with her books? The 3-act "play" method sounds fine to me for you books. (It must be working if you are doing book two) Do you have sub-plots that weave in among your main plot and under the arc? I basically used an outline method and a series of "what if?s" in my children's stories. There is a rising action, climax and follow up. My character arc tends to be the "lessons learned" for my young protagonists and what they would do different in the future. Do you use "explicit sex" in your books? Being a children's writer, I tend to shy away from writing/reading that...besides, I've read that those type of scenes are the hardest to write believeably. Good luck. You are well on your way!
At 2:46pm on August 29, 2007, surfingcheryl said…
Congratulations on the sale, Cheryl. Good name for writers--altho yet to see a Cheryl on the best-seller list. (Guess actresses and models have better luck with this name--but luck can change.)
At 12:50pm on August 29, 2007, joe miller said…
Hi Cheryl,

I look forward to your friendship. I have been writing for years for my kids, but I am currently working on a romance-suspense novel.
I talked with a publisher at the HAW conference and they suggested joining the local chapter of the RWA. What do you think?

At 11:33am on August 29, 2007, JackBludis said…
Hm, maybe the first writer/reader on ning to have more female's than males on her favorites list--not that there's anything wrong with that. Women *do* buy most of the books.
At 11:18am on August 29, 2007, Linda Ladd said…
Huh uh, Cheryl, I am married to the best man in the world. :D Maybe we should have a run-off!
At 9:40am on August 29, 2007, Joanna Campbell Slan said…
Cheryl, thanks for the invitation. I use a combination 4-ARC and Hero's Journey. However, I reserve the right to modify! Both methods help me stay on target and not wander around. Congrats on your new sale!
At 5:19am on August 29, 2007, Kevin Allman said…
Thanks for the friend-vite! Good luck with RECLAIM MY LIFE.
At 4:09am on August 29, 2007, Peg Herring said…
Thanks, that's good to know. Sometimes it feels like I'm writing to myself (although my sister is a faithful reader, having a REALLY boring job!).
At 2:44am on August 29, 2007, carole gill said…
Well how do, Cheryl? Thanks for the invite. I like to travel in our caravan--(trailer) with my husband and dogs (not necessarily in that order)...!
At 2:41am on August 29, 2007, Rosemary Harris said…
Cool. I had a notion to rent an RV for my book tour next year, but my husband thinks I'm insane. Just hate to leave the doggie for such a long time. I second Terry's recommendation for Sleuthfest. i loved it last year and i'm going again.
At 2:27am on August 29, 2007, Kathryn Lilley said…
Hi Cheryl, hope you enjoy the book. And congratulations about the sale of your new one! I see your deadline date in your blog--you must be a "fast fryer" writer, lol! I wrote about that in my blog this week. I'm a "slow cooker," myself, but I admire people who can write very fast! My next manuscript is due Nov 1, and I'm on page 222. But I've been writing since March, so that's not very fast!
At 2:13am on August 29, 2007, terry bowman said…
Killer Nashville is a yearly mystery writer's conference. It was held two weeks ago. For you, I would recommend Sleuthfest, which is the last weekend in February in Ft Lauderdale. Other one's are Bouchercon, Noirfest, Love is Murder... all great conferences.

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