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Writing on the wall

I lifted the spray can and wrote a big, blue P. The letter bled and blurred. "Oh, I messed it up," I said. “Spray closer to the wall, Matt,” my friend Walid told me. No problem. I just moved onto the next section of concrete. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of wall.

Miles and miles of it, in fact, winding as far as I could see. It ran down the hill from where I stood among…


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Self-Publishing: Final Thoughts

As this month comes to an end, I wanted to add some final thoughts about self-publishing, promoting yourself and the entire process.

Wouldn't it be nice if writers could just write their books and someone else could take care of the rest? It doesn't matter if you are a writer with a publishing company or an indie writer - either way, in today's world we all have to do something to get our books out there.

But how much do you have to do, and how much time should you spend… Continue

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"Dexter Meets True Blood"

From last week, B&N makes Blood Crimes one of their Nook e-book picks.


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Witing Technology

Freelance writer Alvina Lopez talks about the challenges technology offers us fiction authors today on 
my blog, Another Writer's Life -

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Our last names both start with Z making David Zeltserman and I blood brothers in some native cultures far away from here. But geography alone wouldn't keep me from calling this exceptional talent my bro. He's also my brother at StoneGate Ink where he's just signed a deal for two books plus a special edition combo with yours truly. THE INNOCENT/DYING MEMORIES, should hit the cyber shelves soon. He's also a hero of sorts. I've been following his stuff for a long time…


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As most of you know, my columns about writing and the writing community appear twice a week in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas editions of



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Death Dealer

Death Dealer and beyond



Ex-detective Alexander Steele is the owner of a private upscale nightclub in Philly, but there’s a problem the retired private detective can’t seem to solve. People contiune bringing him new cases, life or…


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The All Important First Page

Sure, the first page is important, I can't tell you how many times I have read or heard that if the first page doesn't past muster, the whole book is rejected. At first that seemed scary, but now it seems more like a challenge. Are you up for it? The correct answer is YES, because you have to be! I have learned that it isn't even the first page, it's the opening line, and the first paragraph that needs to get whomever you have sent it to so in awe of your awesomeness, yes, I said…


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Wicked Good Amy Faircloth/Joanne Lewis

Two sisters, one story, & plenty of emotion, this is the recipe for Wicked Good. An excellent one at that as this novel is surprising in its quality and ability to not just grab the reader, but evoke a myriad of emotions that range from tears to hope and inspiration to a few smiles and uplifting moments along the way. Did I, the heartless reader and blogger that I am just write tears? Yes, I did and as manly as I am ,if you cannot shed a few tears as you read this novel, well then your…


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Get in the Dance - The Twitter Dance

I’ve been on Twitter a couple of months. It started like this.

Day 1 - no idea at all what to do or how to go about doing it. 

Hashtags? DM’s. Lists. On and on with the lingo.

Days 2 – 9 - I waited and watched and still absolutely nothing happened.  My mother told me a watched pot never boils so I walked away for a few days and checked back to reap the rewards that had befallen my patience.  

Still nothing.

Day 10 - I did something novel.  I sent a… Continue

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Pick Your Poison - Writing from a First or Third-Person POV

I've read a lot of different POV's on first or third-person and just like everything else, everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject (shocking as that is). Luckily, there are few options to choose, so that's my glass half full approach for the day ;)

More often than not, I have read that a murder mystery should be written from the first-person POV and that most of them are. How interesting then that a lot of the recent books I picked up and dusted off recently were written in… Continue

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Q&A with John Locke

-The western, what is the deal on that? Where did that come from?


At the heart of every western a man or woman faces danger, hardship, or overwhelming odds. It’s a timeless theme of courage, especially when their quest takes them into the vast unknown, where they must face the elements and other enemies head on, with little more than a horse, a gun and meager supplies. People always tell me they don’t like westerns, so I thought, why not create the type of western people…


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Reading Something Else

Several days a week, I read to someone who can no longer read for herself. Like most tasks that serve others, my reading to her serves me as much as it helps her. It's not just the good feeling I get from helping to brighten her day. I'm getting smarter.

As readers, we sometimes get stuck in a rut. I used to read everything, from biography to philosophy to classics to P.I. novels. In the last few years, I had pretty much dropped everything but mystery, the type of books I most enjoy.…


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British Mystery Writer Alison Bruce at SCENE OF THE CRIME

Alison Bruce’s DC Gary Goodhew Novels: “No Tea-Sipping Academic Mystery”


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MURDER IN MAUI, My Bestselling Medical Mystery eBook


When the beauty of Hawaii mix with crime of murder, no one in safe, in MURDER IN MAUI: A Leila Kahana Mystery, my hot new eBook mystery, now in Kindle and Nook.

"MURDER IN MAUI, R. Barri Flowers' debut Leila Kahana mystery, is even hotter than its exotic Hawaiian setting. This is a police procedure of the highest order, mixing equal…


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Noir Legend in the Making: Heath Lowrance

I might not be the most religious or spiritual guy on the planet, and chances are, on any given Sunday you won't find me occupying a church pew. Fact is you're more likely to find me tipping a cold one in some dark juke joint with friends after my writing day is over. But every now and then I meet someone who has an almost spiritual affect on me. A spiritual affect so profound that it can alter the course of my life. Noted noir author and critic, Heath Lowrance, is one of those special…


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Kindle...where have you been?

I just got a Kindle, I know I'm late. It's not that I was a hold out I just never got around to getting one but my wife and family bought me one for my birthday and I have to say I'm loving this thing. Now of course I still love printed books and always will but i have to say being able to carry a bunch of books around for easy reading on one little device is great! I already read a lot but now I can read even more! In the car, while waiting in lines, or if I just have about five minutes to…


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Read "Trap Zombie" crime flash non-fiction on "Fingerprints"

"Fingerprints," the online journal of crime flash non-fiction, has its very first submission. It's called "Trap Zombie," and it's by a police officer from the UK. As with everything "Fingerprints" publishes, it's 100% true. Read it here.

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