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Winners and Losers at the BAFTAS

Well its BAFTA time again and all the glitterati of the media world trooped down to London yesterday (Monday) in black ties and ball gowns for their annual bean feast.…


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Al Guthrie's TWO WAY SPLIT nominated

Allan Guthrie's Two-Way Split, the first title published by Point Blank, has been long-listed for one of the most prestigious crime-writing awards in the UK, the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Novel Of The Year, the only award of its kind where the general public gets to vote for the winner. Vote here.…


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Rejection With A Capital "R"

Posted by Lorraine Bartlett

And so I've been cleaning out my office closet this past week. It wasn't pretty stuff. Not at all pretty. I managed to whittle down an 18-inch stack of paper to about six inches. (Yee-Ha!) I actually FILED all six inches of paper. (Who remembered that so many people have read all or part of the third installment of my Jeff Resnick mystery series? Mind you, the second installment won't even see print until June 2008.)

I chucked old candles; cassette…


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Sailing to ThrillerFest

There are just too many places to blog these days and far too little time. Right now, I am preparing to make a voyage on a small sailboat from Florida to NYC. I am sailing to ThrillerFest 2007. If you're interested in following our adventures as we brave the Bermuda Triangle, sharks, and pirates, you can read about it and follow us on the map at

Fair winds!


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The black sheep bites back ...

Received a charming (err, not …) email in my inbox last night from my cousin – whom incidentally I haven’t heard from in nigh on twenty years – telling me what a bad person I am to not be attending the family get-together in July and what good and holy people the rest of my family are. He also very helpfully pointed out what some of my crimes actually were (goodness, how sweet!) and, as the piece de resistance (sorry, can't be arsed with the accents ...), crowned the whole self-righteous,…


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WV is Full of Character and Setting Potential

I live in a truly wild and wonderful place that is rich with characters and loaded with varied and spectacular scenery.

Please don't be offended by my observations; I really do love living here. I have found a very welcoming atmosphere among many friends. I admit to a certain feeling of "culture shock" having lived in the city so long.

West Virginia is not only home to the Mountaineers but also, Our Lady of the Perpetual Yard Sale, Property Tax Capitol of the World (even your…


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Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Posted by Sheila Connolly

Herewith the last of the posts inspired by my recent excursion to the Halls of Academe (that's my daughter's college, folks). After many years away from a classroom of any sort, I found myself sitting in on a graduate class on Aztec Manuscripts (which my daughter was taking), described in the catalog as focusing on "Sahaguntine illustrated manuscripts of the sixteenth century. Painted by Aztec artists, they record extensive narrative…


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THE DEAD PLACE nominated for UK Crime Novel of the Year

I'm chuffed to say that the 6th Cooper & Fry novel THE DEAD PLACE has just been nominated for the UK Crime Novel of the Year Award, sponsored by Theakston's Old Peculier.

This is the only UK award that allows readers to vote for the winner.…


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Review of The Overlook by Michael Connelly

It finally happened--my first A+ book of 2007. By some snafu of nature, I was able to get my hands on THE OVERLOOK by Michael Connelly a week early, though I read the entire book in one day. The Overlook will be in stores tomorrow (May 22) and if I were you, I'd be standing at the door of your favorite bookstore when they open the doors so you can be one of the first to purchase this wonderful piece of crime fiction. Some of you may be familiar with parts of The Overlook that were serialized a… Continue

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I have finally received my $50 payment for my contribution to the Teacher Miracles anthology. Woo-hoo!

Hey, money is always well received at my house.

My shorts keep bouncing back with nice comments but no sale. I must push on.

The Second Novel (Reunion Day) is now past 60,000 words and on the downward slide to completion. I'm looking to have it market-ready by July when the major conferences begin (PNWC, Willamette, Bouchercon, Surrey). Trying…


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Lee Child at The Poisoned Pen

Jim & I went to see Lee Child at The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale today. His new book, Bad Luck and Trouble, was released just this past Tuesday, and The Poisoned Pen was still selling first editions, so we bought one for Jim and one for his friend in England, then grabbed front row seats.

I've seen Lee Child twice before, and he was just as… Continue

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AlanReads: THE DARK STREETS by John Shannon

It is so tempting to start this consideration of THE DARK STREETS, the latest Jack Liffey novel from John Shannon, by resorting to The Rant. The Rant, as most fans of Shannon's work know, is our howl at the injustices of an ignorant and uncaring universe where John Shannon's superb work slips into oblivion shortly after publication when it ought to be on national best-seller lists and the subject of breathless critical evaluations and appreciations of what the modern crime novel ought to be.…


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Stoop, The Thief

Stoop, the Thief

(A Biography)

Part One: Stoop and Clyde…


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The Gifting - completed!

Have worked like the proverbial today and have now done my entire first pass through the Gifting edit - hurrah! I even think it might hang together okay, but then I always think that at this stage. It doesn't mean anything. And at the same time, I think it's pants - but that's normal too. It's probably both - simultaneously. That wouldn't surprise me either. It's panned out at 124,215 words long, which is 401 double-spaced pages. Aha!

My head is now packed with ideas for…


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Review of Dying Light by Stuart MacBride

I’m not sure why I waited so long to read Stuart MacBride’s sophomore outing, Dying Light. Mr. MacBride found instant success with his first crime fiction novel, Cold Granite, which I couldn’t get through because of the subject matter of small children as victims. But on my two unsuccessful attempts to read Cold Granite, even as I laid the book down unfinished, I knew I was in the midst of a wonderfully talented crime fiction author. Dying Light is a wonderful police procedural set in Aberdeen,… Continue

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Mystery Lovers Corner Likes Me. :-)

One of the web sites I adopted has adopted me. I think you should have the Mystery Lovers Corner - - bookmarked, and not just because I'm a spotlight author this month. Although that is a good reason.

Other good reasons include Melanie Atkins, Maureen Robb and my good friend Jeff Markowitz. The fact is that web site creator Dawn Dawdle has a razor honed sense for finding the best new mystery writers who are…

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Book Review: The Secret Ever Keeps

5/5 New – Fiction


The Secret Ever Keeps

Great story! Loved the flashbacks sequences!

Art Tirrell’s The Secret Ever Keeps is a modern Cinderella story, with a rum-running, sunken treasure twist. On the shores of Lake Ontario, Laurel Kingsford…


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Excerpt: Divine Intervention by Cheryl Kaye Tardif



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Editing tics and dinosaurs

Oh lord, more editing tics today - now I can't seem to stop writing words with "some" in them. Somewhat, someone, sometime and just generally some. I'm attempting to put them in the cage with all the a little phrases which I'm also finding. But don't worry - I'll put them in another novel soon, I fear. Hmm. As you can tell, I've spent a large part of the morning and early afternoon sorting out The Gifting, and I'm now at the start of Chapter Thirteen - of…


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Publicity is a very funny thing. Publishing Crimespree gives me

exposure to a lot of people who want publicity, usually with out

advertising. I understand it, and I even try to help, but sometimes the

trhings we get are just kind of sily.

Strange occurance 1: I received a book to review that came with a press

kit in a nice folder. Part of the press kit was a list of questions I

could ask the author. Problem 1: When I interview someone I use mys… Continue

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