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Turning Into an Old Bag

It's not me, I swear! In my former life, when I taught English, history, and speech, headed up the yearbook staff and the drama department, and directed three choirs, I learned to compartmentalize. I had a bag for each activity, so I could grab it and go when the time came to shift gears. People used to call me the Bag Lady, because I never entered the building unencumbered by a bag or four.

I haven't changed much. I still have a multitude of tote bags, each with a specific purpose.… Continue

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Recently I've post my Blood and Bone promotional video in nearly 30 places, places with names like Blip.tv, Bolt, Break, Brightcove, Castpost, ClipShack, Crackle, Dailymotion, Facebook, GoFish, Googl…

Recently I've post my Blood and Bone promotional video in nearly 30 places, places with names like Blip.tv, Bolt, Break, Brightcove, Castpost, ClipShack, Crackle, Dailymotion, Facebook, GoFish, Google Video, Guba, JayCut,MySpaceTV, and of course, YouTube. But one place you'll find my video is a portal that can lead you to tons of other great books you'll want to add to your library.

I'm talking about "It's a Mystery," the blog… Continue

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Music to Write By

Do you listen to music while you write? Or while you read? Work? Play?

Recently, I’ve seen authors include their Play Lists either in the fronts or backs of their books, presenting the music that inspired them while they wrote.

I’d love to be able to do that, too, but I can’t listen to music while I do anything else that requires significant concentration.

A lot of people say that music helps them get in the mood, or helps them focus or concentrate. For some, it… Continue

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Murder Mystery Evening

I've just returned from a meeting with Portsmouth Library to discuss the final planning for the Murder Mystery evening to be held this Friday. It sounds as though it is going to be great fun. Tickets were sold out almost immediately and there is a waiting list for the next one! So well done Portsmouth Library. I'm looking forward to it. They'll be Pimms on the balcony after the event and time for guests to buy signed copies of my books if they wish. I only have a very small part to play in the… Continue

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An Update On "Things"

Life can only be described as having gone from hectic to frantic. The big news is that my debut novel, SILENCED CRY, received honorable mention at the 2008 New York Book Fair. I heard about the contest late last year and although I was excited about submitting my novel, as the deadline drew near, I began to hesitate. After all, what were the odds of getting noticed among ... how many other excellent entries, right? I’m thrilled to receive the mention. You’ll find the complete list of winners… Continue

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Paying for It by Tony Black

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A Night To Remember

Main Street Books

Main Street Books, St. Charles, Missouri Look in the window

It's a full day and a half later and I'm still trying to wipe the grin off my face. On Friday night, we had the launch party for A REASON FOR DYING at Main Street Books in St. Charles, Missouri. Over eighty people came out which was…


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How Cool is That?

Just as I was about to go to bed last night I checked in on one of my favorite sites - Cool Book of the Day and guess what? I saw me! My newest book, “Successfully Marketing Your Novel in the 21st Century” was the Cool Book of the Day! If you move quickly, you might still see it on… Continue

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When You're Sick of Your WIP

It usually happens when it's most important, like when your agent says, "Yes, I'll look at that." or your editor says, "Take one more look before we chisel it in stone." (That's why it takes so long -- all that chiseling.) I look at the three hundred or so pages stacked on the table before me and think, "I don't want to read this thing again. I'm tired of these people, and they're going to have to stay the way they are."

It's a problem. If you read your work one more time, chances… Continue

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Ian Rankin Interview

The Bloody Scots - Part 5

Suspect: Ian Rankin

Known Aliases: King of Tartan Noir, God

Occupation: Writer

Last Known Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Listen in as Ian talks about his Inspector Rebus series, the recent explosion in the Scottish arts… Continue

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Hell Hole

Hell Hole The Jersey Shore portrayed in Chris Grabenstein's Hell Hole isn't exactly the paradise a chamber of commerce would want publicized. Instead, Grabenstein takes us to the world of Sea Haven, New Jersey, where police officers John Ceepak and Danny Boyle deal with the underside of a resort town - the drunken parties, the drugs, the run-down trailer parks.

Danny Boyle, who has grown from a part-time summer cop to a…

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The Straw Men...the Comic Book

This is a review I did for Newsarama.com

If you have never read Michael Marshall’s novel, “The Straw Men”, your life is surely poorer for it. One of the best horror thrillers ever written, it is comprised of two seemingly separate stories: one (told in third person) about a serial killer of children, The Upright Man, and the two people pursuing him; the other (told in first person) a man’s quest to discover a secret life that his recently deceased parents kept hidden from him.… Continue

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Authors With Egos

Most of the people I've met in the writing profession are wonderful: intelligent, helpful and fun to be around. But there's a minority who amuse and sometimes irritate: those who believe they wrote the only book(s) that will ever matter.

Most of us recognize that we're in a business where tastes vary. Along with those who love my book, I've met people who damned it with faint praise or dismissed it altogether. One woman told me recently that it was too much work to read a historical… Continue

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The latest, FREE books and TONIGHT'S radio show!

Friday afternoon I got to hang out in Ronald Reagan National Airport for a couple of hours with an old pal. The manager of the Borders in National Airport used to run the Borders Express in Manassas, VA. I signed books with him there and he invited me to do the same at his new store. As always it was a blast to greet the travelers and sign some novels.

But that’s not all the news. For example, one of my readers, Branko Dusan, has begun an… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 21st July

Due to technical difficulties (i.e. no time to write as I've been busy propping up the bar at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival), there will be no blog this week.


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A Case of Movie Trumps Novel

Deadlier Than the Male (1942) by James Gunn.

James Gunn (no relation to the sci-fi writer) was a 21-year old senior at Stanford when he wrote Deadlier Than the Male as a creative writing assignment. It was his only novel. He spent the next twenty-some years in Hollywood as a writer for movies and television before dying in 1966.

Gunn’s pulp thriller caused quite a stir in 1942. But there is so much wrong with it – plotting by coincidence, impossible dialog,… Continue

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Watching You is now out!

My romantic suspense novel, Watching You, is now available in e-book format from The Wild Rose Press.

Upon the reading of her father’s will, Angeline Hamilton is devastated to discover that not only has she lost her inheritance, but she has lost Tarrington Manor -- her beloved family home. When a reckless decision results in her working for the new owner, Sebastian Tremaine, she finds herself hopelessly attracted to the very man… Continue

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Harrogate - or "Donna, don't take this the wrong way, but I can really see you in a brothel."

Well, that's me just returned from Harrogate where a good time was had by all at the Harrogate Crime Festival. This time I didn't get to see many events, spending most of my time hanging out, chatting and eating...lots of eating. The panels that I did go to were good, and the evening events were great fun, even if our quiz team - The Masturbating Hamsters - came somewhere in the middle of the pack in an undistinguished manner.

It was great to catch up with everyone, and spend loads… Continue

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Another Great Review

I love it when I have a new featured review to post on my web site.

I met Bonnie Webster at a recent event at the Borders in Dulles Town Center. We chatted for a bit and I learned that she's an Army brat like my kids, only her dad was a WWII hero who gave 31 years to his country.

It was a real pleasure to hear from her, especially when she had such kind things to say about my novel, The Troubleshooter. Of course the best compliment for a writer is to hear that a reader is… Continue

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Elsewhere On The Web

Diane Williams is a Jersey girl born and raised in Newark, but now she’s one of my neighbors in Upper Marlboro, MD., a suburb on the other side of DC. She’s a writer and publisher (22nd Century Press) and when she didn’t see a social network that was what she wanted, she created one herself!

She designed Black Author Showcase to help writers in creating, preparing, writing, and marketing their work. Its aim is to… Continue

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