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Time passes and 'Glastonbury' draws inexorably closer!

As the release date for Glastonbury grows ever closer, here's an advance review of the forthcoming adventure.

CK2S Kwips and Kritiques…


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Exclsuive Excerpt from StoneGate's "The Innocent" by Vincent Zandri

Here's a first look at the new republication of the classic, As Catch Can, now re-edited with its original title, "The Innocent." Also a new forward by Detroit noir critic and novelist, Heath Lowrance! Just click here!…


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'Requiem' Takes a Giant Leap

I'm delighted to be able to tell all my friends that the third and final part of my Jack the Ripper trilogy, Requiem for the Ripper, this morning stood at #21 in the mainstream Top 100 Thriller Sales Ranking chart at

All three books in the trilogy seem to be doing very well at present and I'd like to invite everyone to check out A Study in Red - The secret Journal of Jack the Ripper, Legacy of the Ripper and… Continue

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Old Istanbul Is Featured in the Mystery Novels of Jenny White at SCENE OF THE CRIME

“Tales of Tragedy, Death and Dislocation”: The Kamil Pasha Novels of Jenny White


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Review for Benjamin Sobieck's 'Cleansing Eden'


Benjamin Sobieck’s…


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Aura Imbarus Out Of the Transylvania Night

To read this novel is to take a ride on an emotional rollercoaster that has many twists and turns. The story chronicles the life and times of Aura and her family as they live in a Communist country. The many hardships they must endure just to

get through a “normal” day, is enough to depress anyone. Shopping for just the

basic essentials as outlined by the leaders would leave one totally devoid of

any hope. The story sets out revealing what Aura’s life is like…


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Review - The Long Glasgow Kiss, Craig Russell


Author: Craig Russell

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-74237-011-8

No of Pages: 337

Book Synopsis:

'There are some concepts that are alien to the Glaswegian mind. Salad. Dentistry. Forgiveness.'

Glasgow in the 1950's - not somewhere you'd choose to be unless you were born to it. Yet Lennox, a private investigator of Canadian descent, finds it oddly congenial. Lennox is a man balanced… Continue

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The Sweetest Kind of Chaos

Check it out at Beat to a Pulp!


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Beat The Heat With These Cold-Blooded Killers

If you're looking forward to autumn after a scorching summer, get ready for the cooler weather with some icy tales of murder by Mary Logue, Vicki Delaney and Tess Gerritsen.

Mary Logue continues the Claire Watkins series with…

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A talk and a radio interview

A bright and early start on 22 September when I'll be talking to Steve Harris on the BBC Radio Solent Breakfast Show. This is scheduled for 6.45a.m.(British time) give or take a few minutes. It's always great to chat with Julian Clegg or Steve Harris and give listeners a quick up date on what is happening in the life of this crime author and my marine mystery police procedural crime and thriller novels, which are set…


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Anthony Robinson The American Golfer

Golf is not my game. I can putt well, my short game isn’t so bad and I can whack the heck out of the ball off the tee, problem is that it never goes in the same direction twice. Straight is not a description I hear

much about my drives. Anthony Robinson with The American Golfer drives this

novel right up onto the green, a beautiful drive and finish to this passionate

novel that uses golf as a backdrop. There are no bogies in…


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Productive Writer!

Tielle St. Clare is the author of 20+ novels and novellas. She writes hot & sexy romances, typically involving werewolves or dragons. She has lived in Alaska for 38 years & recently she wrote 5,000 words of fiction in one day! She talks about how on my blog, Another Writer’s Life-…


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A quick BSP, not really for myself though..

Hello everyone! Is everyone gearing up for fall? New mysteries are abroad. lol

I actually wanted to say hello, and also post a quick note for anyone that lives in Northern Lower Michigan if anyone does. The Crawford County library in Grayling Michigan hosts a 'Write On!' club every 1st Tuesday of the Month, so in Oct it will be on the 5th, @ 5p. Its a club where writers and aspiring writers go to meet, compare, read stories, and get ideas…


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Hitter at A Twist of Noir

A new short story, “Hitter,” has been posted at A

Twist of Noir
. Stop on over and check out the other good stuff there.…


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The Raven Affair & Crossroads are now in Kindle format too...

Visit for details.

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OCTOBER 21st! Publication day

Book four in the Belinda Lawrence mystery series, A CANTERBURY CRIME.
Belinda & Hazel visit Canterbury for Christmas and discover a crime that has its origins in a murder in the year 1170.
From BeWrite Books

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Thoughts about reviewers and Booklist Review

I have always been very lucky with my reviewers and owe them a lot. PW has been wonderful, and so have the print reviewers, those talented people who write for newspapers. As we know, their jobs have been cut drastically as circulation has plummeted and the recession cut into advertising funds. Only a small handfull still work, and frequently (so I've been told by one of them) the choices of what they review are made for them. That means that bestselling authors are more likely to get…


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Janet Evanovich Wicked Appetite

I have received a lot of messages and questions about this novel. What do you think of it? How good is it? Does she deliver again? How much is Diesel actually in it? I could go on and on and on. I love it.

Hopefully within the confines of this post I will answer all the questions that

you may have, and then just do yourself a favor and click on the Amazon book cover

here and suck this bad boy up. I laughed my fanny off and then some. I had many

of the…


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Getting blurbs

I ran across this article via Twitter and thought I'd share.

And, if anyone is wondering, you can follow me on Twitter.

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Pauline Rowson talking about Detective Inspector Andy Horton

A new video has been uploaded to my official web site, my You Tube Channel and here. In this latest video, I'm talking to Rob Richardson about the creation of my detective, Inspector Andy Horton who features in my marine mystery police procedural crime novels set in the Solent area on the…


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