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The Trouble with Mystery Writers

That's easy: there are too darned many of us. I just returned from Magna Cum Murder, which is a small con. Attending cons, while a lot of fun, always underscores how many people are out there writing mysteries--and a lot of them a pretty good at it. One man at an informal discussion said it out loud, "I know I'm as good as a lot of the best-selling authors, but I just can't get recognized." It's true. You get good--even great--reviews. You get nominated for awards. You splash your book…


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My True Ghost Story: The Shadow Person

In honor of the Halloween holiday, here's a true ghost story that happened to me. Have any of your own? Share them in the comments.


Sleepwalking a Thin Line

by Benjamin Sobieck

Sleepwalking can be an unsettling byproduct of an otherwise peaceful activity. The line between dreaming and reality is thin as your eyelids. But I never knew how thin until a dream stepped into my reality.

The spell of…


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Meet me in VA today!

In support of higher education, and the cultural uplifting of our full time students, I will hold a book signing at the Northern Virginia Community college today. Halloween is the perfect day for me to talk about something as scary as nuclear devastation, so signing The Piranha Assignment is appropriate. If you're in or near Northern Virginia, come visit me Monday at that NVCC Alexandria Campus Bookstore, 3001 N Beauregard St., Alexandria, VA. I'll be there from 2pm to 6pm.

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Sons of Spade

I was lucky enough to have a guest blog posted on the prestigious Sons of Spade web site. Please give it a read. http://sonsofspade.blogspot.com/2011/10/guest-post-truly-noir-by-austin-s.html

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The Piranha Assignment

For those who want to know the book better, Readers Entertainment News put up the Piranha Assignment news release. http://readersentertainment.com/2011/the-piranha-assignment-by-austin-s-camacho-press-release

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Halloween & mystery fun in new KRL issue plus Penny Warner reviews & giveaways

New issue of Kings River Life is up. We have a review of Penny Warner's 2 latest books-"How To Survive A Killer Seance" and "How to Party With A Killer Vampire", a short interview with Penny about Killer Vampire & a giveaway of both books! http://kingsriverlife.com/10/29/killer-seances-vampires-penny-warner/

KRL staff shares their favorite scary/suspense movie picks… Continue

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Coming in November: The first Martin Preuss Mystery

The first in my series of mysteries set in suburban Detroit is in the final stages of production.


Crimes of Love introduces police detective Martin Preuss. Fiercely independent, a widower who dearly loves his profoundly handicapped son, Preuss makes his debut one cold November night when he joins a frantic search for a seven-year-old girl with epilepsy who has disappeared from the streets of his community.…


Added by Donald Levin on October 30, 2011 at 1:26am — 1 Comment

Coming Soon: "Maynard Soloman & The Job-Nabbin' Illegal Immigrants"

Just sent this to the publisher.



Maynard Soloman, a profane yet clueless private investigator, is hired to track down something important stolen from his client: A job. The culprit: Illegal immigrants. Or are they?…


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JOHN RAVEN BEAU novel by O'Neil De Noux

Promotional Video:


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Noir Nation 50% off Halloween Sale

Dear CrimeSpace friends,
I wanted to alert you that this weekend Noir Nation Issue one is on sale on all sellers for 50% off the normal price in celebration of one of my favorite holidays--Halloween. So if you've been meaning to buy a copy and hadn't got around to it, or wasn't sure you wanted to spend eight bucks on it, or you loved it so much you want to buy one for a literary crime fiction loving friend, now's your chance.…

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Halloween short stories & Buffy novel writer interview

This week Kings River Life has published 2 Halloween mystery short stories-one is "Trick or Treat" by John Floyd http://kingsriverlife.com/10/27/trick-or-treat-halloween-story/

"Halloween Tech" by Gail Farrelly http://kingsriverlife.com/10/25/halloweentech-a-original-short-story/ and then we still have several other fun Halloween… Continue

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Ninety nine cents, what the heck am I getting?

For ninety-nine cents, what the heck am I getting? In most cases a lot! Think about this moment and follow with me. When you went to the supermarket last time what did that buck grab you? A pack of gum, no, a 20 oz. carbonated beverage, again no, toilet paper, one roll and a little change maybe, a loaf of bread, again no. Enough of that? Good. Now picture an author hard at work on a story. How long do you think they labor over a digital short story? Minutes, an hour, more? I go with the more…


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An interview with Julia Madaleine

My blog today has an interview with an up-and-coming writer of psycho-noir, Julia Madaleine.  Thought you might be interested in scanning it.  Find it here.


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Who I am

Readers Entertainment News posted my bio on their site for those who would like to know me better -… Continue

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Guest Blog

The Piranha Assignment has helped me have a pretty strong internet presence. Readers Entertainment News posted a guest blog post from me on their site -… Continue

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Review - Counter Attack, Mark Abernethy


Author:  Mark Abernethy

ISBN:   9781741759396

Series:   Alan McQueen

Publisher:   Allen & Unwin

Year of Publication:   2011

Australia's super-spy, Alan McQueen, has been lured out of retirement.  But any dreams Mac has of a cosy office job are shattered when he's dispatched to Singapore to oversee a covert mission.  And when things go disastrously wrong, he not only has to defend his reputation in Australia but also stay out of jail… Continue

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Da Party!

I can only feel sorry for those of you who missed the Piranha Assignment release party. The music was great. The food was super. We had all the Bailey's Irish Creme (Felicity O'Brien's drink) and a nice lager (Morgan Stark's choice) than my 45 or so guests could drink. And yes, I signed a few books too. But mostly it was a great party and a good excuse to start another book!

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"Cleansing Eden" Crime Novel Makes the Examiner.com Book Club

Examiner.com's Book Club featured my interview with Stephanie Schmitz about Cleansing Eden this morning. After getting on the national front…


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The Author Blog Hop Has Begun! Hop Around to WIN Great Prizes...

I am sooo excited to be part of the Coffin Hop this year!  There are 100 authors participating which means YOU have a chance to win some really cool prizes like a Nook, gift cards, books, t-shirts, and even a chance to have your name in a novel!

Although I'm not a horror writer...YET, I am a mystery/thriller writer.  I write the…


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