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Silenced Cry Won Cover of The Month

I received word this morning that my debut crime mystery, Silenced Cry…


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Too much input

I'm in an odd space and I'm wondering if anyone out there has been in here, too. I love Jeff Lindsay's "Dexter" novels and am reading the new "Dexter in the Dark" for review. A friend has been raving to me about the "Dexter" Showtime adaptations and since Showtime was offering a free weekend preview, I figured I'd check it ou. So last night I flopped on the sofa and watched several episodes back to back. Now, I adore Michael C. Hall, just loved him in "Six Feet Under." And I think everyone has… Continue

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Things I Didn't See in Alaska...

Just got back from Bouchercon late last night. The conference itself was wonderful, the trip was Hell. I had always wanted to go to Alaska and I had thoughts when I signed up that I might make a full week trip of it. I was wrong. Life got in the way and the seven days I was going to use turned into six then five then four - two of the four were spent in airports and on planes. Ah well.

One of the disappointments was in the stuff I didn't get a chance to see. For instance, I…


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I'm Thrilled!

July 8-13, 2008 will be a thrilling time for me. I just registered for the 3rd annual International Thriller Writers conference, aka ThrillerFest. Woohoo!

Yep, I'm heading back to New York next summer. ThrillerFest 2007 was a blast. How could I resist going back?

It will also be a nice break from classes. I'll officially start working on my creative thesis for grad school in the spring and defend in the fall. A trip to New York in between will be a perfect mid-thesis vacation.…


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The Magna Carta Is For Sale!

Posted by Sheila Connolly

Magna_carta_jpeg_2 So I was informed by my AOL Welcome screen a few days ago. Ross Perot (or more precisely his Foundation) owns a copy (a fact I find a little bizarre) and wants to sell it (slightly less bizarre), and…


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Writers Helping Writers

Laura Lippman emailed me recently in response to a request I'd sent her for an opinion on subgenres in mystery writing. Her feeling is that it's useless to divide up reading into categories, and she has a point. As someone who even reads those cheerful little notes on cereal boxes, I can't claim to be a picky reader. Still, another writer, Julie Hyzy, made the point that readers want to know they're in for a good time before they plunk down their money. If noir depresses you, you're going to…


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Fall Newsletter

It’s fall, and time for a new issue of LLBartlett’s Books newsletter. Welcome to the readers new to the list--thanks for joining!

Of course the BIG news is that today marks the debut of the paperback version of MURDER ON THE MIND. Worldwide Mystery Library did a fantastic job repackaging the book, with a new cover and a much more attractive price that makes it affordable for just about everyone: just $4.79 plus postage. (Unless you live in New York State--then you have to pay tax.…


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Thinking Back

I was looking through some old pictures today and came across some photos I took on one of the last aimless drives I took with my dad before he passed away. Dad loved to get in the car and drive. After he lost most of his eyesight to macular degeneration, he loved to get in the car and let one of us drive him around. When he was a young man, he wanted to be a park ranger with the U.S. Forest Service. That dream died, and he spent his life doing other things, but he never lost his love of the… Continue

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In for Questioning - Stephen Blackmoore

Suspect: Stephen Blackmoore

Age: Unknown - hey, not all the undead remember their death-days!

Occupation: Avid reader, writer, and some weird computer-related thing called "a day job."

Last known location: Lost somewhere in La-La Land, CA

You can listen to this podcast with… Continue

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Peer Pressure...

So here I am, belatedly arriving to this party. And there's a part of me wondering just what the hell I'm doing. Between all the blogging and other types of reportage I do, between FaceBook and -- hold the phone a minute -- writing books, I'm not exactly sure where I figure I'm going to squeeze the time. But, realistically, there's an aspect to this social networking stuff that I find relatively irresistable. Maybe you do… Continue

Added by Linda L. Richards on October 1, 2007 at 9:32am — 2 Comments

Living by the United Nations

I live on the block that ends at the United Nations. The General Assembly is about to sit for its annual meeting. Many countries’ leaders are in town. Security is high.

Security has always been high, but since 9/11, it’s been astonishing. Last year, for the first time ever, I was stopped from entering my own block. The president of Pakistan was stepping out from his hotel into a limo as I stood…


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I take it back. Alaskans were not simply having fun with outsiders by

claiming that there's such a thing as a moose. Unless this is a guy in

a really good moose suit. Which, considering how remarkable everything

else has been in Alaska, could be the case. Still, I'm willing to

accept that this is some sort of enormous, ungainly, clumsy, hulking

overgrown relation to a… Continue

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Squeaky bum time

I'm up to 11 fans on my Facebook fansite now. Eleven. Onze. Elf. Once. Undici. Whichever way you say it, it doesn't get any bigger. Come on… Continue

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An interview with Kerul Kassel by Margot Justes

Below is an interview with Kerul Kassel, Echelon author of soon-to-be released Productive Procrastination.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your writing style, what you write.…


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Radio Interview from Bouchercon

The interview I did for Internet Voices Radio - Live from Bouchercon - is available online. I interviewed a publisher, an editor, and several writers: Dana Stabenow, Louise Penny, Charles Benoit, Julia Pommeroy, Donis Casey, Debby Atkinson, and Lou Allin. http://www.internetvoicesradio.com/Happening.htm

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