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Dennis Gelbaum Is One Of "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'!

Dennis Gelbaum, the author of Beyond Reasonable Doubt, a character driven, mystery-thriller with more twists and turns than a double helix - is featured in 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading, by Danielle Hampson & Don McCauley, and published by THE AUTHORS SHOW. "This is the show's first book compiling some of the best guests who have appeared on both its online radio and TV versions of the show."…


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Answering Writers' Questions About Fraud Investigations

We've answered several writers' questions today about PIs and fraud investigations at Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes:

"Answering Writers' Questions About Fraud Investigations:…

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Setting deadlines for writing

I'm now over half way through writing the first draft of the next Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery police procedural crime novel, the seventh in the series, as yet untitled, but that doesn't mean I'll have finished the novel by Christmas, although Christmas is my deadline for completing the first draft. Why a deadline? Is this imposed by my publisher? The answer is 'no.' I find setting…


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Review - Trick of the Dark, Val McDermid


Author: Val McDermid

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4087-0200-0

No of Pages: 451

Book Synopsis:

When Charlie Flint is sent a mysterious package of press cuttings about a brutal murder, it instantly grabs her attention. The murder occurred in the grounds of her old Oxford college - a groom battered to death just hours after his wedding. As his bride and wedding guests sipped champagne, his… Continue

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Aother Cool Review

I like to share feedback I get from readers. Today I want to introduce you to Juli Monroe.

When I first announced…


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Importance of Fiction

I've learned that we must take great care with the fiction we write, because when written well it can affect people more than reality. The facts, it seems, are easier to ignore. As Winston Churchill said, "Many men stumble across the truth, but most manage to pick themselves up and continue as if nothing had happened."

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Chapter One of 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' by Dennis Gelbaum

Each Monday, for the next five Mondays, I will be posting a chapter from my novel, 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt'. I look forward to reading your comments.


I was sitting at my desk, relaxing, daydreaming, and looking out the window. Our neighbor's always annoying, white and brown cat had just passed by, not a care in the world. She acted like she owned the place. Three squirrels were looking for food. The fat one came up to the window and stared at me. I stared…

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Paving Zion to put up a parking lot

Intifada fans can breathe a little more easily.

Just when it seemed as though no amount of building in Israel’s settlements and harsh statements at the United Nations by the country’s foreign minister could truly provoke new violence between Israelis and Palestinians, the Jerusalem municipality came up with something guaranteed to steam up some hotheads.

The city’s planning committee is considering a proposal to build an…

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Mystery Author James R. Benn Takes Us to the Days of WWII at SCENE OF THE CRIME

A Detective in the “Good War”–James R. Benn’s Billy Boyle


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Fun with Kindle

I've only had the thing a month, and already I'm irritated if I want a book and it has not been "Kindlized". I just found my friends Laura Alden and Hannah Reed on Kindle (MURDER AT THE PTA and BUZZ OFFF, respectively), which is cool.

Living in a very small town, I used to have to make a list and then when I got to a town big enough to have a bookstore, look for books I wanted to read. Often, authors I meet at conferences are with small publishers, so the bookstores would have to order the… Continue

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Author Update

I didn't see many of you at my book signing at the Borders in Silver Spring, but it was a weird day. I was very busy in the first hour, then it was quiet for the next two. Still, well worth being there and I'll try it again to see if there's a pattern.

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A Study in Red is #1 Best Seller in its category

Wow, what a lovely way to start a Sunday. I just looked at the Amazon.co.uk sales rankings and discovered that the Kindle edition of A Study in Red is at #1 in the 'Jack the Ripper' Thriller Book Category, with the paperback edition not far behind at #3. What a double! The chart is at at… Continue

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Tribute to Stephen J Cannell

Read my tribute to the wonderful Stephen J Cannell in the new issue of Kings River Life Magazine http://kingsriverlife.com/10/09/the-loss-of-a-tv-legend-stephen-j-cannell/

And check out the latest chapter in my mystery novel DEADLY DISCRIMINATION…


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Dead of Knight Reviewed by Review a Book.com

Book Title: Dead of Knight

Author: William R. Potter

Publisher: RealTime Publishing

ISBN: 9781849610261

“There is a great streak of violence in every human being. If it is not channeled and understood, it will break out in war or in madness.”

~Sam Peckinpah

The murderer is known by many names. He is called Tyro, a apprentice title, until he has…


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Stranger Than Fiction by Margot Justes

The thing about writing is that you have to do it well enough for the reader to 'suspend disbelief' at least that is what I've been told. Except in the James Bond type thrillers, paranormal and practically every other genre. I'm convinced that the 'suspend the disbelief' axiom is very subjective just like the agent, editor selection of…


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From crime fiction into romantic suspense

Please stop by Suspense Your Disbelief and see how best-selling Canadian crime fiction writer crossed the line into romantic suspense.


I think she's even giving free stuff away!

My best,

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Police officer to novelist, Part II interview with author Robin Burcell

Novelist Robin Burcell shares insight into the creation of her latest novel, The Bone Chamber, on Hook'em and Book'em. Lean about her research in Italy, including one of the finest places to dine.… Continue

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Graphic Novel Friday Dean Koontz Frankenstein Prodigal Son

The graphic novel is based on the New York Times bestselling novel by Dean Koontz & Kevin J. Anderson. This is my first read on a Koontz work and I really enjoyed it. His update on the old story just fit together so

well and made so much sense it was hard not to enjoy it. I want to share with

you a few pieces of the graphic novel that I really enjoyed. Here is Dean

Koontz from the intro: ”This is why it seemed to me appropriate to update…


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The Wrongly Accused!!!

Have you ever been wrongly accused for something? Ever since I was a little kid,

I've been fascinated with the subject. Case and point: one Christmas eve my

parents accused me of opening a gift before Christmas morning arrived.

My dad was big stickler on that. No opening of gifts until after church

on Christmas day. I recall both my parents flanking me and asking me in

that accusatory tone, "Did you or did you not open that gift?" A boy of

no more than 7 I stared at… Continue

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Guest Post Douglas Lentes Editor-in -Cheif Paper Dragon Ink

Interview with Mark Rahner creator of Rotten

By Douglas Lentes

A zombie Sarah Palin?

An insufferable hate-monger named “Bill O’Malley?”

Evolution protestors who are like a laughable parody of the Boston Tea Party?

All that and much more is in the latest issue of the…


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