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More praise for The Piranha Assignment

James Mcentire posted this 5-star review of The Piranha Assignment on Amazon: “Very Enjoyable ! Review title says it all and this is a super value! I had not read this author before and was very favorably impressed!…


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Book Review: "FALLEN FROM GRACE" by J. R. Lindermuth

It is deep in the night October 5, 1897 when Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman is awoken by someone throwing small rocks at his bedroom window. Doctor Mariner has sent a young boy, Simon Hinkle, over to wake the sheriff.  The good doctor sent for the sheriff because he is treating a man that has been stabbed. Local resident Ollie Cramer found the man stabbed out on the road by the new bridge on the south side of town. A man that the doctor and almost no one else in the small town of Arahpot,…


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New Year's Eve short story, Earlene Fowler, Juliet Blackwell, giveaways & more

Up this morning in Kings River Life--a New Year's Eve mystery short story by Gail Farrelly


Also up in KRL this morning--a review of Earlene Fowler's new book "The Road To Cardinal Valley", an interview with Earlene, a chance to win a copy of the book & information on her book events at both…


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More Praise for The Troubleshooter!

Susan M. Harrison posted this 5-star review of The Troubleshooter on Amazon: “I would recommend this to everyone. I could not put it down. I wanted to read the whole book at once. Just to find out what was going to happen.”…


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Book Review: "The Third Gate" by Lincoln Child

The idea of the “paranormal” or the “woo-woo” element is strikingly popular these days. If such books bother you, or you find them offensive, The Third Gate by Lincoln Child is not for you.  The paranormal as well as the idea of near death experiences play a major role in this novel.


Professor Jeremy Logan bills himself as an “Enigmologist” and is quite successful at it in addition to being a professor of Medieval History at Yale.  What really drives him is…


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Mining Sacred Ground wins Bronze Medal at MWSA

Military Writers Society of America review:

Peter Romero--a Marine veteran, former military policeman, and disgraced tribal policeman for the Cochiti pueblo--is an unlikely and reluctant hero in this murder mystery set in the world of the Arizona desert. When Romero's cousin is murdered, no one seems interested in pursuing justice except Romero and an odd old Apache, Tag Taza. Bad things keep coming from all sides: meth-dealing biker gangs, assaults, arrests by the local police, a…


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How Now My Brown Cow

Yesterday I placed a The End on the 3rd book of Miki Radicci (Blood Like Cherry Ice). I feel accomplished and I'm looking forward to the editing and revising phase. I know most writers hate it, but I love sculping and tweaking the words so they have more of an imapct for the bigger picture.

So what do I have planned for 2013? Here are some of my goals:

1) Edit and release Blood Like Cherry Ice for the Fall of…

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Great Book AND Contest!

Today's guest blogger, Wendy D. Walter, is on a blog tour and I'm happy to be one of her stops. Wendy is the author of Ambril's Tale, The Return of the Dullaith. Today she discusses writing fantasy - oh, and there's an excerpt from her new novel and a great contest at the bottom!

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Another 5-Star Review for The Payback Assignment!

Alain in Ottawa posted this 5-star review of The Payback Assignment on Amazon: “Second book I read from Austin and he really know how to keep the reader in the book. Full of action, intensity and happenings. Easy to understand the story. The villains are really bad guys which help bring excitement into the story.”…


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Book Review: "Mad River: A Virgil Flowers Novel" by John Sandford

Mad River: A Virgil Flowers Novel by John Sanford is the latest in an increasingly enjoyable series. When you see the subtitle A Virgil Flowers Novel you know exactly what you are getting in the read--- a profane loner type cop who will be unorthodox in solving the case while also making the time to check out the available ladies. The job will get done, political and probably law enforcement big shots will be annoyed, and the body count will be fairly…


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A 5-star review for Collateral Damge

EJ posted this 5-star review of Collateral Damage on Amazon: “I loved it. This is the second book I have read from this author and I loved the first book. I will definitely read another.”…


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Book Review: "Arrowmoon: A Bill Travis Mystery" by George Wier

The land is truly in the middle of nowhere in deep East Texas. Isolated, with nothing of any significance at all besides an ageing barn on it, nothing has disturbed the land and it secrets for decades. That is until now because a road is coming through to serve the increasingly population in Texas. The isolated and decaying barn and its secrets lay in the path of that road. Secrets that people will kill to keep hidden from all.


Bill Travis manages money from his office on the…


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Lee Child, Agatha Christie, Christmas short stories, giveaways & more in KRL this week

In the new issue of Kings River Life today we have the last of our Christmas mystery short stories, this one by Gail Farrelly (there will be a Christmas fantasy story on Christmas Eve)

In case you missed it-we had some other ones go up during the week so be sure and check them out in our Terrific Tales section…


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More praise for Damaged Goods!

Deacon Pete posted this review about Damaged Goods on Amazon: “Another Hannibal Jones Winner! Good action adventure featuring Hannibal and the original cast of characters, plus. I enjoy his cool and calm in the worst of circumstances - especially when he's being beaten senseless. Light, fun and exciting. A quick "two-day read."…


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Hope is a Mother

It's a Friday night. I'm home alone and snowed in in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm a 53 year old California boy who has no business living here in the Great American Midwest, but I'm stuck here for economic reasons. Tonight I have half-a-case of ramen, 2/3rds of a Fifth of Old Crow with some Coca Cola for mixers, and a brain full of SEO strategies, PLR posts to write, Google Adwords Keywords to research, and potential guest-blogs to plan. Then it hits me... it's probably the cheap bourbon…


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Looking back at the highlights of 2012

2012 was another busy and rewarding year with two new DI Andy Horton Mystery crime novels, (number seven and eight in the series published), A Killing Coast and Death…


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Today, I take a step back and allow another writer to share his knowledge and to contribute his words to the sphere of the writing world. Welcome, Paul Rance!…


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Much to my surprise, my web site has won an award.  Thanks to the kind people at PWA, we can now claim another success.  "We" refers to my webmaster, Bob Stein, and myself, because the site is a co-production.  He handles the technical stuff and I supply the images and text.


The site has worked well from me.  It has an e-mail address where readers can reach me, and I answer all my e-mail.  Apart from losses after a computer crash several years ago, I've kept their addresses…


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Writers are, by nature, creative people. We sit around daydreaming of plots, characters, heroes and villains. But, what happens if you think up a terrific marketing idea yet don't follow through?

Too much work? Okay, it might take some effort. Afraid it won't work? Can't know unless you try. Think people will reject it? Maybe. Or, maybe you'll break new ground.

Scenario: The blog over at my publishing house was lacking. Nobody seemed to be following. I posted a…


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Another 5-Star Review of Collateral Damage

Marilyn Sullivan posted this5-star review of Collateral Damage on Amazon: “Everyone needs a hero. This guy is a larger than life guy who is a man’s man. I like that humor is mixed with danger. It left me wanting to read more! Hannibal protects rich and poor, young and old, restoring hope in life as he goes. The book is complete and stands alone. It is exciting and fun. I loved it!”…


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