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Internationally Bestselling author Brad Thor and Big Daddy Abel author of the bestselling selling and highly rated Amazon Kindle Open Mic series will be my guests this Thursday, September 1st starting at 4.30pm EST. Brad Thor’s latest bestseller is “Full Black”, while BDA is currently working on two projects: ”Open Mic Volume 5 and the sequel to “Edge of Cataclysmic”.

For the few of you that are unfamiliar with Brad Thor’s work here is a little about him:



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The Hand of God and My “Status”

Hello everybody! Yes, I am still alive and so are my wife and kids. A “Funny” thing happened on the way to experiencing an earthquake, a hurricane and a tornado all in the span of four days. Why is that “Funny”? Well let’s see, I can really write pages on this subject. In fact I have, and they are in the able hands of Big Daddy Abel the guy that let me jazz with him on “The Edge of Cataclysmic”. The Author’s Lab/Collaboration story just wrote itself for me. I started with the flood we had in…


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One on One: The G-Man goes up against Robert Browne author of "The Paradise Prophecy"

-Did you enjoy the research or the writing more on this novel?

Normally I don't enjoy research, but in the case of THE PARADISE PROPHECY I had a lot of fun with it.  Looking into the history of ancient documents like The Devil's Bible and Steganographia was not only fascinating, but also had a great influence on the direction, scope and depth of the story itself.

What is your writing style? Are you an extensive outliner or do you just do it all organically as it comes to…


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Win a Copy of Jeff Abbott's "Adrenaline"

I want this contest to be fun, easy, and well just fun. I am going to keep it simple so here goes: I have 5 copies of the novel, “Adrenaline” to give away. The First 1,000,000 people that buy my new digital short story “Holy Chrome Bocce Balls on Fire” get a chance to win one of the novels. Now, if for some unforeseen reason that doesn’t happen, what we will fall back on will be something even easier: For your chance to win, just stop by my blog, Gelati’s Scoop, click follow (I have never…


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What is your writing style? Mine,well, that is kind of backward.

Happy Monday to everybody! Okay, stop grumbling, a new week has started; let’s get rolling. I ask every author I get the privilege to speak with,  “What is your style: do you outline?, Do you  just go with your idea? Do you do a little of both?” Basically I have come to the conclusion that each is different no matter what and the style choices are just as individual as snowflakes. I get to ask Joel Andre this same question a little later on today on my blogtalk radio show The…


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Jeff Abbott "Adrenaline"

I am always up to reading about the birth of a new character aren’t you? I was captivated by Sam very quickly, his wife not so much. But I digress. The twist and turns in this novel are many, the double crosses and triple crosses are plentiful and the action is just about nonstop. I like the title of the novel; it fits. The ensemble cast was fun for me; their morals and code of ethics were pretty plain, and the good guy, well he just rocks. Jeff Abbott took me on a rollercoaster of a ride…


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"Impeccant" Darren Sant's thoughts on Sam Lang's second installment of The Reprisal series

 Reprisal Volume 2 Impeccant starts on the morning that the town is due to be evacuated. Everyone is in a playful mood ready for a short exciting adventure/vacation. Eddie as a reporter is naturally excited for the coming of the day’s events and eagerly leaves his apartment camera in hand.

This volume starts of playfully with a funny scene in the cafe which has our hero blushing like a beacon. However, as the bad weather draws in the sense of foreboding returns. The carnival…


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"Fear the Night" a guest post by Darren Sant

Fear the Night by Julia Madeleine

A Roman Dalton story from Paul D. Brazill’s Drunk on the Moon Series


In the second instalment of the Drunk on the Moon Series - Fear the Night Roman Dalton travels to L’Isle-Verte near Quebec City in order to help a father find his missing daughter.  Despite his initial reluctance to take on the case Roman finds he is soon swayed when a thick wad of cash is promised. Of course, as is usually the case, nothing is ever quite so simple or…


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Raised in Hell Julia Madeleine “The Devil’s Music” series

Have you read the synopsis of this series yet? Julia Madeleine has put together a series that is a fun, engaging read and you do not have to be a fan of music to enjoy it. Okay, I love music and that is an added benefit. If I can get her on my blogtalk show, The G-ZONE, sometime soon one of the questions I am going to ask her is:”Did you have more fun doing the research or writing this?” Each installment is going to have a different historical musical figure in it. This is the second work of…


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Molly Edwards Guest Post

First, I'd like to extend gratitude to Giovanni Gelati for allowing me to yap to ya'll today, and to ask ya'll to bear with this southern gal, as this is the first guest post I've ever written.


I started blogging in August of 2009 with no intention of taking it as far as I have. I simply read a book one day, loved it so much, and hoped on Amazon to post a review of it. While there, I looked at some of the other reviews, and…


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Trestle Press & QR Codes (what the heck are they?)

Starting today just about every author involved with Trestle Press will have a QR code for their work, not just their novels, novella’s and digital short stories, but also their own blogs, websites….What exactly is a QR Code? Here is a little something from Wikipedia I hope that will help to explain it and then I will go into how and why we are implementing this immediately:

“A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that…


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Allan Leverone "The Darke Affair" Paul D. Brazill's "Drunk on the Moon" series

The “Drunk on The Moon” series has quickly become a fav of mine. The installments are slated to hit once every three weeks, next up for the fourth installment is B.R. Stateham;it is a barn burner, and it comes in at about 11,000 words. But I digress, sorry. Allan Leverone was nice enough to helm the third installment and he does a great job dancing between the noir and the horror. He uses a deft hand in continuing the series and giving us another facet to the character and better…


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"Brit Grit" Paul D. Brazill


Paul D. Brazill has become a very popular guy this summer. Today, Weds. August 17th I am going to be handing my blog over to the man’s work to highlight it. He has penned the “Drunk on the Moon” series that has just been on fire since the first installment and has not let up at all. Now he has put out a little something he calls “Brit Grit”, a group of short stories. Both words in the title are very appropriate. The wording has a decidedly British feel and it does…


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Molly Edwards "The Willow Spring Killer"

Blood, suspense, mystery, intrigue what are you looking for in a good read? Well, this one has them all. Molly Edwards goes for broke in her debut effort and delivers the goods, in spades. I can say I was NOT surprised when I got a chance to read this. Her ability to write is evident in the first paragraph. She knows how to create a universe and draw us into her characters’ lives and make us care about them very quickly. I think you have gathered by now that I really enjoy the digital short…


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NEWSFLASH: Trestle Press is pleased to announce that David Hoof will be releasing a series of full length novels will them!

David Hoof will be releasing a series of novels in different genres through Trestle Press, the first one, ”Sharpshooter”, will be released the end of August 2011, with the others to follow soon after. Here is the synopsis: 

“The Holloway family began grabbing up land and making serious enemies in Montana even before the Battle of Little Bighorn, but there was no payback until Senate candidate Jeb Holloway was found dead in his pickup in a lonely draw on his ranch. Using a Sharps…


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Joan Meijer "The Rescue" The Author's Lab/Collaboration Series

Joan Meijer has an amazing depth and breadth of work; put her name in the Amazon Toolbar and watch it go crazy. She has written and will continue to write in a variety of genres and tackle difficult subjects. I had a ton of fun with her on this project; she is a great researcher and commands an amazing knowledge of what she writes about. This time she wanted to tackle something on First Responders. Joan puts in plenty of Firefighters, Police officers, and EMTs in our digital short story. She…


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Andrew Gross Eyes Wide Open

If you haven’t read an Andrew Gross novel or just not gotten to this one yet, put it on your list of novels to read or get it in your hands a.s.a.p.; this novel rocks. It is a story that was actually based on real life circumstances of the author and he used it in ways that will have you gripped to the pages, whether they are virtual on the e-reader or just the plain paper. The way he was able to constantly ramp up the tension and move the story forward so quickly is just flat out fun and…


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NEWSFLASH: Matthew Dunn author of “Spycatcher “ and Benjamin Sobieck author of “Cleansing Eden” will be on The G-ZONE Thursday August 11th @ 6am EST

Matthew Dunn author of “Spycatcher” and Benjamin Sobieck  author of “Cleansing Eden” will be on The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show on Thursday, August 11th at 6am to discuss their novels.

Spycatcher and Matthew Dunn:

“ Will Cochrane is Spartan.

MI6’s Spartan Program allows one man to go through the program and, if he is not dead at the end of it, he carries the title Spartan. No others are allowed in the program while the current Spartan lives. There is only one…


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Years ago I was diving at Martinique in the French Carribean. At place called Diamond Rock. I was at about 130 feet, just loafing along looking at the broken coral, sand and sea grass bottom when something caught my eye. At that depth, all color has for the most part vanished to be replaced with the ocean's endless monochrome blues, grays and blacks.


But suddenly in the midst of all the subdued pallet,  I was hit square in the eyes by a spot of indescribably brilliant, neon…


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Goodreads, The G-ZONE and the stuff I read

I have been getting some questions lately about my Goodreads account: Why do some of the novels in your “currently reading” area stay there for so long? Pretty simple really: I don’t like to post on a novel until after I interview the author. I have been fortunate to have had on some great guests on my blogtalk show The G-ZONE, just incredible awesome people and interviews. I am fortunate that many of them have such a great time they want to return. I also am fortunate to make some new…


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