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Robert Gregory Browne's Kiss her goodbye is on order at the Library, I will put it on hold, can't wait to read it

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Crime network

I'm back after a week in Brescia, where I attended "A qualcuno piace giallo" (Some like it yellow - giallo, i.e. yellow, is the italian word for crime, due to the color of the covers of the first crime paperbacks published by Mondadori). Met several foreign authors: Petros Markaris, Juan Gomez Jurado,… Continue

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It would seem that living downunder I am missing a lot of good reads, I have come across two books that our library does not have but they will have in the future if I have any say in it. I thought I might not fit in on this space because I am not a crime writer but I have found it does not matter because I can enjoy what other people have done and get a heads up on what is coming out. But I will have to contain my patience until the books… Continue

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Another day, another thousand words

makes me very happy!

However, I also sent out five agent queries via email for a novel

already finished, and within hours, I received three rejections!

I am always glad to receive a response because I know one way or

another, but that was kind of a bummer.

I also cleaned half the refrigerator.

Life in the fast lane . . .

But remember, a chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

And poultry in motion is a good… Continue

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I think you're all going to have to wait until I retire before I start blogging with any degree of seriousness. This place is good fun and I'm already spending too much time sitting on my bum in front of the computer. The sun is shining and the vegie patch needs weeding.

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Having just finished the biography, I took a few days respite this past week. It was spring break, and I’m not likely to show up in a guys gone wild video, so I decided to just spend the time at home and catch up on my reading. I ended up reading almost a book a day, which is heaven to me. I have a new recliner and I propped my feet up with good books.

I think that so many authors are also ravenous readers as well. Most authors find joy in the written word as do I. And most mystery…


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Blogging for blogging's sake

Well, this is my first ever official blog entry. Don't know what the big whoop is all about, but I'm willing to give it a shot, at least once. I'm usually willing to try new things, within reason and if it's not something I wouldn't do with my Gramma in the room. Considering she lives with me, it's totally a possibility. Well, 'lives' is not exactly true. She died in 1982, but she 'visits' and plays tricks on me from time to time. She calls often and lets me know all is well with her. At…


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Enjoy your craft...

So, I'm getting ready to start another writing session, and I'm over my little bout of melancholy, and I have a new observation. Since I like hearing the sound of my own voice, which is what I feel like I'm getting when I write, I'll indulge myself and hope someone else gets something out of it. Otherwise, I'll just sit here and yell into the dark and imagine someone's out there. Sound crazy enough? Okay, here goes.

I have this bad habit when I write of turning on the television. It… Continue

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Kudos to the published...

As I sit here, finishing up another writing session, I can't help but feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Writing is a taxing effort, and all the more so when you're dealing with a day job, a family and a myriad other time consuming activities.

You see, I'm a novelist wannabe, which means writing isn't paying the bills. Hell, I'm not even sure if being a published novelist would pay the bills. Anyway, I'm sure every one of you reading this, if anyone takes a moment out of their busy lives… Continue

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Neurotic Writer

I was just staring at my page here, where I have a little bio and I thought: Mark Terry lives in Oxford, MI with his wife, two sons, a dog and a dozen or so neuroses. Then I wanted to rewrite it (of course). Mark Terry lives in Oxford, MI with his wife, two sons, dog and closet full of neuroses. Then I thought: Is "neurotic writer" an oxymoron? So... is it?

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Why I'm Happy for Cormac McCarthy

From my review in a newspaper you probably don’t know (The Grand Rapids Press), to my myspace blog, for months I’ve been blathering on about how much I like Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD. Now, the news that the book has become Oprah’s next pick. AND he’s going to do her show! Are we living in truly apocalyptic times, or what?

This is why I think THE ROAD is a terrific book: If you’ve read McCarthy’s earlier work, you’ve seen how he has developed as a writer over the past twenty-five or so… Continue

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The Panelist's Prayer

Lord, save me from book raisers.

Stay their hands.

Lay their volumes upon the table . . . flat.

If nothing else works, let the pages of their books fly unto the ground like ginko leaves in autumn.

Protect me from panelists who put down cohorts to raise self worth.

Still their snipes.

Silence too-frequent references to their own…


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My second printing of Mood Swing just arrived!

Yesterday the UPS truck pulled up outside my house, and the man in brown delivered several cartons of the new printing of my novel, Mood Swing: The Bipolar Murders. I've sold nearly all of my first edition. It occurred to me I could have signed and numbered them like an edition of silk screens or lithographs; the printing was that small. Nonetheless it's thrilling. Mood Swing is a print-on-demand book, and I'm very happy I took this route. I plan to use the same publisher for my…


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Award winning author

I am an award winning author. Originally I only wanted to claim to have written a novel. I progressed, fortunately, to wanting to be a published author. Oh my God, that happened. Never had I ever thought I would be an award winning author. Then in November my first book Shepherd's Pie received a Golden Wings award for excellence in writing. A pinnacle reached. What more could I ask? Then came an awful realization, I must do marketing. That nasty term. Being reduced to a book salesman from award… Continue

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Soggy golf and drunken art

Had a real thrill this morning when Paul Burston ( who edits the Gay Section in Time Out emailed me to say how much he'd enjoyed A Dangerous Man (, as below:

"I finished off A Dangerous Man and I have to say I loved it. Michael is a wonderful…


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I blog, therefore I am? I think not.

Hmmm, always wondered what I would say if I had a blog....waiting for inspiration.........well, it's a cloudy day. Finished Death Comes For the Fat Man last night. What a book! I did something I very rarely do, read another book along with it to drag it out a bit.

Guess I'll go see if I can unclog the bathtub drain now.

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Lost in Crimespace

Surfin' around here on Crimespace since tuesday - and I'm astonished about all the writers, authors and readers here on the net. Wow!

Last week I went to Munich here in Germany, where a crime fiction festival took place. It's one of the biggest cf events and I met wonderfull authors like John Katzenbach, Nury Vittachi, Jeffery Deaver and… Continue

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Winning over readers?

I have been reading for longer than I can remember. I will read anything...books, papers, shampoo you know how much information is actually on the plastic around new toilet paper? Oy!

At any rate, there was a time when I would just pick something up and read. I think we've all been there. I know a few people who still are. They will literally read whatever they pick up first. I have become much more selective. Perhaps it is maturity...hmmm...naaah! I think it is…


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Allegra Goodman Has 4 Kids, Too

I've donated money to the National Yiddish Book Center which gathers and saves Yiddish books from around the world. Doing a little to save a millenium of rich culture should be reward enough in itself. Still, receiving Goodman the Center's quarterly…


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I'm Told I Should Blog

So here I go. My friend Brian Thornton turned me on to this site, and I love it! More mature than myspace, and not as weird as LiveJournal.

I have lots of friends on here, people I know personally, Brian, Mike Wolf, Michael Jacobs, Bill Cameron, the Lovely Donna Moore (that's an official title). I'm looking forward to meeting so many more of you! Please chat and let's get to know each other!


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