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Mysteries of the Art World by Margot Justes


A potential Leonardo da Vinci sketch had been unearthed, more precisely an art historian thought that it was "absolutely Leonardesque" but that it was probably drawn by one of da Vinci's students.


An exam showed that the sketch was done closer to 1473-yes they could narrow it down to the year-amazing isn't it-what science can do? At any rate, Leonardo da Vinci did not have any apprentices or students until the late 1470's. That leaves the work as that of the master…


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How can I get my book turned into an e-book for Kindle and the Nook

Can anyone help with this process?

Added by King James on April 23, 2011 at 5:07pm — 4 Comments

Future Crimes

Can you imagine a world in which there is nowhere to hide? Where your expectation of privacy no longer exists? Where all your secrets might be revealed to the world? My current work in progress—Off The Grid, scheduled for release in December, 2011—is about these issues. A world in which a cop must live Off The Gridin order to survive a formidable…

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Calling All Cops--Fictional Ones

I interview fictional cops on my blog "Paula's Coppers." Who better to talk about the case than the cop? I've had so much fun doing these interviews and have met so many wonderful cops.

This week I interview Lt. Taylor Jackson from So Close the Hand of Death by J.T. Ellison.

I need some more cops to interview.

Please check out my blog at http://www.paulapetty.com/paulas-coppers.html. and let me know if…


Added by Paula Petty on April 23, 2011 at 3:02pm — 1 Comment

Down Low-Dead The Author's Lab/Collaboration Vincent Zandri/Giovanni Gelati


Yeah, that is my name along that of one of the hottest authors on the planet today; make no mistake about it. Read it and weep, make fun of me if you will, have a laugh at my expense, did this actually work? I think it did. We are probably one of the greatest foils in the universe. A team not unlike some of the greatest duo’s of all time. No I am not talking about Batman and Robin; Zandri can’t pull of the Robin costume, way too tight and not his colors. No I am talking about…


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JUSTICE SERVED, My Bestselling Legal Thriller, Now in Nook and Kindle


From the bestselling author of STATE'S EVIDENCE comes the hit legal thriller and police procedural eBook, JUSTICE SERVED, in Kindle and Nook. Cops go after bat wielding deadly female vigilante with a beautiful judge the chief suspect.

“This author weaves a magical web, as well as, a tangled one [and] wraps up the…


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THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS, My Bestselling True Crime Book, Now in Kindle and Nook


My bestselling true crime book, THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS, now in Kindle and Nook for first time. Chronicles the lives of serial killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego and the sex slave fantasies that fueled kidnappings, sexual assaults, and murder and spawned two major TV documentaries.

"THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS is a gripping account of the…


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Around the Glboe with F.M. MEREDITH

Another week of rain, but I don't mind since I'm off to Rocky Bluff, California, with this week's author F.M. Meredith. She's taken me to a wonderful restaurant overlooking the ocean where we enjoy, what else? A fabulous seafood dinner. While we're talking, we get entranced by the phosphorescence dancing on the waves rolling onto the beach. What a grand place. Well, onto the questions...

1. Who is Marilyn Meredith and what makes you the most fascinating person in your city?… Continue

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Doctor knows life and death: Abraham Verghese’s Writing Life interview

If you were a book editor who wanted to create the perfect writer for a best-selling epic novel of an African-born doctor forced to take refuge in the U.S., you might pick someone from Ethiopia. Make him of Christian Indian parentage. Educate him in medicine and send him to the Iowa Writing Program. Make him work in top medical jobs with HIV patients who’d force him to examine…


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How do you write a bestseller?  That’s my today topic on my blog, Another Writer’s Life - http://ascamacho.blogspot.com/

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Digital short Story Chantal Boudreau The Ghost in The Mirror

I gave my hubby a break for a day; hi, it is me again Mrs. Gelati. The reason for the break, well I was the one that read this short story and thoroughly enjoyed it; I was touched by it and have shared it with my daughters. The other reason I told him to stay away from the computer today is that I gave him a long list of things I wanted done for the Holiday this weekend, and gave him a head start to get it done. Besides that I am a bit upset with him and Zandri for what they wrote about me…


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Book publicity: the full set

In the Royal Navy, there’s only one kind of facial hair allowed. British Tars are either clean shaven or they sport a beard, known in the service as a “full set.” The antipathy to the mustache is no doubt because of its predominance among the rival landlubber officer class (although it could’ve later been its association with a different kind of “sailor.”)

Book authors now…


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Nebraska Writers Guild Spring Conference 2011

Recently attended the NWG Spring Conference at Mahoney State Park.  Heard informative presentations by Alex Kava (mystery/thriller author), Mary Colgan (editor, Chronicle Books), and Terry Burns (author/agent, Hartline Agency).  Over 80 area writers participated.  Lots of useful information...important as publishing is changing so rapidly.

If you are an author deciding what to do with your next manuscript, ask yourself, "What is my goal?"  It makes a big difference if you are…


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Douglas Corleone Night on Fire


This has been a fun week of reading and writing for me. The content has been the key. Normally I get to see some pretty neat stuff, but when I get to dig into a character I just can’t get enough of, well it is that much more fun and then it turns to brief sadness. Why sadness? The usual thing, I have to wait another year to devour another installment of the series. Douglas Corleone and his character Kevin Corvelli is one of the characters I cannot get enough of. Let get to the…


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The cadences of language

My personal preference in writing is to hear conversation which sounds real, even if that's not the way that most people actually speak. It also matters to speak without barriers, focusing your character regardless of who they might be (skin color as opposed to yours).

In his essay "Elmore Leonard's Ten Rules of Writing" he says: "My most important rule is one that sums up the 10: If it sounds like writing, I… Continue

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The Play's the Thing

I haven't been blogging because my focus has been on a Hannibal Jones play. I talk more about that process on my main blog, Another Writer's Life - http://ascamacho.blogspot.com/ 

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Calorie free e-Easter treats

I blogged about some alternatives to the traditional chocolate egg over at Gone Bad, books that won't broaden the hips but might broaden the mind. Can't be bad!

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Warm Diet Pepsi and Orbitz Gum

I have a weird habit of drinking cans of warm Diet Pepsi, which is not that noticeable unless someone touches the can.

The Orbitz gum habit is much worse, much more noticeable. It is getting out of control. I go through about a pack a day if I am out at a bar. The only time I don't chew gum is if I am at the office. And I favor the peppermint brand (because bubblemint is gross and wintermint loses its flavor after 2 minutes & makes my nostrils burn).

This made me…


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Video: Using a Computer to Plot a Crime Novel

Maybe this works for you, but I don't see it coming out on top in my book. The ol' Think in the Shower Method gets the job done for me.

Added by Benjamin Sobieck on April 20, 2011 at 1:29pm — 7 Comments

When the victim’s fingerprints count the most

Most commonly, it’s the perpetrator’s fingerprints that land him or her in jail. But in the kidnapping of Charles Urschel, it was the victim’s fingerprints that lead to the capture of a notorious Prohibition era gangster.


The crime

Charles F. Urschel, oil millionaire and philanthropist, and his wife Berenice were entertaining their friends, the Jarretts, at the Urschels’ Oklahoma City home with a game of bridge on July 22, 1933, when two bandits armed…


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