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Adult Truth #11

#11You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.”

I have to credit Todd Stone for inspiration on this discussion. Stone is the author of The Novelist Boot Camp, a how-to book geared to help writers not only develop ideas but in laying out a schedule and a process for writing and editing…


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Dead at the Saddleworth Moor Now in Audio

From R. Barri Flowers, award winning criminologist and internationally bestselling author of THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS and MURDER AT THE PENCIL FACTORY, comes a riveting new audio true crime short, DEAD AT THE SADDLEWORTH MOOR: The Crimes of Serial Killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.


In this frightening tale of dark fantasies,…


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The Sex Slave Murders 2 Now in eBook

From R. Barri Flowers, award winning criminologist and internationally bestselling author of THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS, comes a riveting new true crime short, THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS 2: The Chilling Story of Serial Killers Fred and Rosemary West.


The gripping tale chronicles the lives of Britain’s most infamous serial killer couple. Over…


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Writing a crime series and keeping each novel fresh

Writing a crime series and keeping each novel fresh is always a challenge for crime writers. There are now nine in the DI Andy Horton series and number ten, Death Surge, is being published by Severn House in September 2013 in the UK and on 1 January 2014 in the USA. So DI Horton has come a long way since first appearing in Tide of Death in 2006.

So how does a writer keep the series fresh and the central character of interest to readers?

Readers buy my books…


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The Fire Witness - Lars Kepler

I discovered the Swedish husband and wife writing team of Lars Kepler with the first book in their Inspector Joona Linna series - The Hypnotist. (…


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Murder on Hadrian's Wall: My Novel Renamed.

After some very useful, constructive advice from a member of this site, I have renamed my Roman novel (available on Kindle) to the title above.  I have been forbidden to thank the kind lady publicly for her guidance, so will say no more than, "I.J. your cheque is in the post..."  :)

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Donate to My Kidney Walk Team, Be a Character in My Next Maynard Soloman Story

Hear ye, hear ye: Here's how to appear as a character in the next e-book short story from the Maynard Soloman Funny…


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Elmore Leonard R.I.P

Commentary on the late Elmore Leonard and his work in the Crime fiction genre. At Murder Beach Mystery Reviews.

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A Call For Mallory

Mallory silhouette I need Mallory Petersen!

Actually, I need a Mallory Petersen. This is your time to step up and be noticed. I'm looking for a person to be my representative Mallory Petersen.

Who is Mallory? Well, if you've been reading my two books, Beta and Alpha (and if you haven't, get to it already) you'll know I'm talking about my heroine who is a Fourth Degree Black Belt in taekwondo…


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Interview With Austin Camacho

The Creatures, Crime, and Creativity conference is in a few weeks. Here's my interview with author and organizer Austin Camacho.

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Right now I have the matron of the house standing guard by the computer making sure I write positive things about the tribe. Gemini, who entered my life on my birthday, allows me to tap at the computer keys for just so long, then reminds me to take a break by crawling into my lap for a few strokes of her own.

The other four are off doing their own thing: Kitler is asleep on a cardboard box, a favorite spot of all cats (along with the step stool,…


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A Small Sacrifice

I have released a PI novel for Kindle, A Small Sacrifice. From the description on Amazon:

Detective Nick Forte is not impressed when Shirley Mitchell asks him to clear her son’s name for a murder everyone is sure he committed. Persuaded to at least look around, Forte soon encounters a dead body, as well as the distinct possibility the next murder he’s involved with will be his own. Clearing Doug Mitchell’s name quickly becomes far less important…


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Last chance for free Kindle download

The free Kindle download for "Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever" ends tonight. Last chance!

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Free Kindle giveaway!

I'm offering "Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever" for free on Kindle until Monday. Be sure to click here:

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Review - The Dying Beach, Angela Savage

The Dying Beach is the third Jayne Keeney book from Angela Savage, following on closely from Behind the Night Bazaar and The Half-Child. The series is set in various parts of Thailand, a country Private Investigator Keeney, originally from Melbourne, loves and feels a strong affinity for. Review at …


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Review - Dead Cat Bounce, Peter Cotton

The body of popular Environment Minister and leadership contender Susan Wright turns up on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin in the company of a recently deceased cat likewise dumped in the mud. Then a particularly unpopular government head-kicker (aka ‘advisor’) is found in similar circumstances, followed by further disappearances. including the kidnapping of our central hero – Detective Darren Glass. Review at …


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Pauline Rowson discusses how her DI Horton mysteries are transformed from a simple idea into a fully formed book

I'm often asked if I have a writing routine. There are writers who write the same time every day come what may; others who will write a certain number of words every day and when they've done their quota, they'll knock off.  Me? I have no real set routine but I do like to write every day, speaking engagements permitting.

Some days when the words flow or I am at a…


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Review - Drive By, Michael Duffy

Title:  DRIVE BY

Author: Michael Duffy

ISBN: 9781743312636

Year of Publication: 2013

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Category: Crime Fiction

Location: Sydney

Book Synopsis

John Habib is the mechanic son of a Muslim Lebanese-Australian crime family in Sydney's Western suburbs. His oldest brother is in a maximum security prison, his middle brother is becoming increasingly fundamentalist, and his younger brother Rafi is on trial for a murder he swears he…


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Daryl Wood Gerber, Beth Groundwater, D.R. Ransdell, Terry Shames in KRL this week

Daryl Wood Gerber aka Avery Aames shares another never before published mystery short story with Kings River Life Magazine this morning


Also up this morning a review & giveaway of "Mariachi Murder" by  D.R. Ransdell from Oak Tree Press along with an interview with D.R.…


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"Secrets Can't Be Kept Forever" Book Launch

My new crime novel has been unleashed!

The formal launch of "Secrets" took place last Thursday at the Book Nook bookstore in Ludlow, Vt. We sold every copy on hand and even one of "Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula," my first novel. (My next, a time travel tale titled "Never Meant to Be," is available at independent bookstores across the country.)

Many thanks to Scott and Patty at the Book Nook for a great evening. No doubt we'll be doing it again.

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