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Cover Me With Roses

The only book that I have contributed to from the pen of Eadie Allen, is Cover Me With Roses. I thought you might like to read a description of the story. I write imaginary stories, short stories of a romantic nature, and I am just beginning to dabble in crime fiction stories. One of my new projects is titled Bride's Last Kiss.

My profession is typist, proofreader, promoter, and now budding writer. I just began writing in late…


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Trade paperback for '21 Tales' released today

The trade paperback version of my short story collection, '21 Tales' is being released today.

'inventively depraved' -- New York Magazine

'Dave Zeltserman is one of the crime genre's most accomplished, radical, and innovative talents. His command of style and personal dark vision of the world are… Continue

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History & Mystery

Hi everyone,

Please stop by Suspense Your Disbelief today and read what historical mystery author Donna Fletcher Crow has to say about staying alive in this business.


Plenty of giveaways and a book trailer to look at, too!

If you're an author and would like to write a Made It Moment yourself, email me at jenny@wedeskyull.com



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New Novel releases this week

New Novel Releases- October 19- 26

There are plenty of new novels coming at us as we get closer and closer to Christmas. I have made a list of the major novels coming out and also put up the covers so if you wish to pick them up all you need to do is click

away and have them zapped onto your Kindle or sent to your home. Here we go!!

*Lee Child-Worth Dying For John Grisham-…


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Making of A Gangster

Caution: This is not an uplifting article. It is a story about a war I witnessed on the streets of… Continue

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Small Press Success

Stephen Brayton is an editor at Echelon press. He is also their Short Story Marketing Director and has two novels pending publication. He explains how he got in that position and what it’s like to wear all those hats today on my blog, Another Writers Life- http://bit.ly/M6MdU

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Alan Dershowitz Joins Us at SCENE OF THE CRIME to Talk about His Abe Ringel Courtroom Novels

Dershowitz for the Defense: The Abe Ringel Novels


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Draculas Blake Crouch, Joe Konrath, Jeff Strand, F. Paul Wilson

Draculas is not your ordinary tale of a bloodsucker. The Draculas in this novel are nasty and billed as the kind that will crawl into your head and give you nightmares. The

novel is a collaboration of four different authors and it really works. One

might expect for it to be a hodge podge of words and thoughts but the plotline

is tight and the action, bloodletting and carnage is constant and moving. I am just starting to enjoy novels in this…


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THE MASUDA AFFAIR is taking off!

Well, I looked and saw that it is # 24 among all historical mysteries. The release date is Oct. 28., and it has been selling for a while now.

This time, my book is a hardcover, and not particularly cheap, so I'm doubly flattered and encouraged. May it keep going!

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Glastonbury Now Available in UK and USA

I'm really pleased to be able to report that my latest release, Glastonbury, is now available in the UK as well as in the USA.

UK readers can find the book at Amazon.co.uk where it is currently listed as 'temporarily out of stock' but… Continue

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Just uploaded a new short video clip- an interview with Angel Radio on the Crime and the City, CSI Portsmouth event

In this video clip I am talking to Tony Smith of Angel Radio about a unique event where I and four of my fellow international crime authors: Simon Brett, Graham Hurley, Peter Lovesey and June Hampson join police, CSI, forensic and fingerprinting experts in Crime and the City, CSI Portsmouth on Saturday 6 November at the John Pounds Centre, Portsmouth.

Fiction meets fact at this…


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Vince Flynn American Assassin

I am putting it out there in the first sentence; I think this is the best novel I have read this year. Yes, I am a big Mitch Rapp fan; I think anyone that has followed this blog knows I love the character as much as

I enjoy some of the big names out there today.

Vince Flynn just hits a grand slam as he uses American Assassin, a

prequel, to explain for us in tremendous detail, what makes Mitch Rapp so Mitch

Rapp. I loved every word…


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Come on! Have a listen to my story, Truth Hurts in podcast! It's very anti Twilight!

If you'd care for a horror break, you might like to listen to my critically acclaimed story,

Truth Hurts which can be heard in podcast.



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Creating a promotional video out of a presentation to the Friends of the Library

Recently I was asked to be the featured speaker at my local library to kick-off the annual membership drive for the Friends of the Jackson (MS) Library held at the downtown Eudora Welty Library. At the last minute, I handed my digital camera to a friend and asked her to take a few pictures. My presentation included a discussion of my writing career balanced with…

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Review - Beyond Reach, Graham Hurley


Author: Graham Hurley

Publisher: Orion

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4091-0121-5

No of Pages: 320

Book Synopsis:

Crushed cranial vault. Visible extrusions of brain tissue through multiple scalp lacerations.

She tried to keep up, tried to focus on the fat grey threads of jelly that laced what remained of this man's head. Memories, she told herself. Intelligence.

The very stuff of what we are, of what we do. Billions… Continue

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Crossroads Series - Novellas 1 through 4


Gay Fiction series, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Phaze Publishing,… Continue

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Self-Published Sunday Jessica Dee Rohm Sugar Tower

There have been many words bandied about trying to put those that are self- published in a bad light lately, and I for one am really surprised. Sugar Tower by Jessica Dee Rohm was a quarter finalists for the 2010

Amazon Breakthrough Novel of The Year and with good reason. Basically it is a

well written novel that grabbed me right away and made it very difficult for me

to put it down. Here is the synopsis of the novel : “The great real estate

crash has…


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UNPUBLISHED Private-Eye Story Now Available.

In anticipation of the imminent release of the SECOND EDITION of the collection NEW ORLEANS CONFIDENTIAL, featuring New Orleans Private-Eye Lucien Caye, O’Neil De Noux

offers an original, never before published short story set in 1948. “Tenderless Night” is available as a

Kindle story or a PDF from our web site:…


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A new Turner Hahn/Frank Morales short story

I've got a new Turner Hahn/Frank Morales short story up and running over in Pulp Metal Magazine. Take a look and tell me what you think.


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