Most forums have a post that serves as an entry point for new members, a place for them to introduce themselves. At Crimespace, that post is The Bar.

As a way of starting it off, I'll introduce myself.

My name is Daniel and my favourite colour is black. Half Romanian, half Croatian, I was born and bred in Australia, the country I've spent most of my life in. Got a degree in Computer Science and by day I'm a programmer in the shady field of gaming. Yes, I program poker machines. This does not mean I carry around a Bat-utility belt and rush over to clubs when people don't get paid. It's an office job, plain and simple. I stare at computer screens all day.

By night, and during my lunch hour, I write. Mostly crime, but I'm not afraid to venture outside the genre if the story I want to tell goes that way. Even then I'd say my fiction straddles the border between crime and other genres. I've only been writing solidly for about the last three years, the first two of which were spent on a comedic P.I. novel set in Sydney. Like many writers, that novel was my journeyman piece, in that it taught me how to write a novel (which is not to say I've stopped learning). Also like many writers, I don't think I want it to ever see the light of day.

I've since moved on to a novel that if I had to describe in one sentence, would sound something like this: "An unwilling hitman becomes part of a crime syndicate that reaches back to turn-of-the-century Sydney." Part crime thriller, part historical dream sequence, with elements of the supernatural. I'm about two thirds of the way through the first draft and I'm getting a big kick out of writing something more serious.

A few short stories of mine are floating around the net and I have a list of those on my profile page. In the interest of brevity, I'll leave it at that.

Now. Who wants a drink?

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What those people don't understand is that black is every other colour combined and magnified.

I'm, umm, glad you have bunk buddies.
My name is Maxine, I am an avid crime fiction reader living in the south-east of England (outskirts of London). My favourite colours are blue, green (unoriginal I know), silver -- I know this because one of my 2 daughters is very colour oriented and frequently discusses the merits of varoius shades with me. Purple is OK but I agree with whoever said they didn't like orange.
I am a reader not a writer, I have read loads of crime fiction in my life (and I am very old, about 150 I think), but not so much of the hardboiled, noir type of book that seems to predominate here. So maybe I'll get thrown out of the bar, unless you don't mind a quiet person sitting on a stool reading a book while you all get on with the party.
In my day job I am an editor for a scientific journal. I have two blogs at work, for authors and for peer-reviewers, and I have about 7 personal blogs. My only proper personal blog is Petrona, the others are archives of various sorts (eg books of which I've read reviews and would like to read if I ever get my TBR pile to below 300). I write crime fiction reviews which are archived on one of the 7.
Great to have a reader at The Bar, Maxine. If you get that TBR down a bit, you might even find some new authors round these parts.
I agree - wonderful to have readers here.
Ahhh, readers. The reason we do what we do.
I would like a drink. Please.
So that's one Metaphor, straight up or rocked?
Name your poison Victor, and I'll see if I can get it by the FDA.
Hi, I'm Jochem and I'm an alcoholic. Wait, that's not right...

I'm Jochem van der Steen, a dutch writer who writes a lot of stuff in english. Several of
of my stories have been published on line and a few years ago my first novel White
Knight Syndrome came out. My favorite colors are red and black.

I'll have a Jack Daniels or Guinness anytime.
You wrote: Weird? Moi?

In contrast to what? The folks in this bar?
You ain;t weird, honey. You;re one of us.
Hi. I'm Sean. I want a drink. No, wait...I have one already. Coffee. With rum in it. Breakfast of champions.

I'm a mutt, ethnically, and what's it to ya anyway? I have no favorite color and, frankly, can't imagine ever feeling the need to choose a favorite.

I'm married. Have a six-month-old son. And a dog. And a cat. I'm 40. Years old. I live in Chicago.

Oh, and I wrote a book. BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD. It was just published by William Morrow. Hell of a nice guy, that William Morrow.

I have a website which you can find at and I'm part of The Outfit, a collective blog of seven Chicago crime writers -

Glad to be here, nice to meetcha. Bartender? 'Nother round...

Sean! You stole all my lines just as I was writing them!

Psychic pest!


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