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It's not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath." Aeschylus

Dr. Lou Welcome is blamed when one of the doctors he was counseling at Physicians Wellness, goes on a shooting spree and kills a number of people.

Physicians Wellness counsels doctors who have anger problems or have difficulty with drugs or alcohol.


When a number of other people in the area also let their anger get the best of them and sometimes end in…


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"A person is a fool to become a writer. His only recourse is absolute freedom." Dahl

Luther Whitney is a thief with a conscience. He's breaking into a home of a wealthy family in Washington D.C. when the woman of the house returns with her lover.

Luther hides in the closet and the lovers proceed with their interlude. The sex gets rough and when the man is unable to perform due to his alcholoic state, there is an argument and the woman grabs a knife and…


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Defending the truth is done for various purposes and sometimes as an end itself.

Andy Barber is an assistant district attorney outside Boston Mass.

He accepts the case when a child at his son Jacob's school is murdered.

Soon Andy's life begins to explode. Jacob is accused of murder and Andy is accused of failure to give the case to another attorney because of conflict of interest.


An ambitious assistant D.A. in Andy's office says enough so Andy is placed on administrative leave and the other attorney gets the…


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One man's poison is another's spinach. = Geogre Ade

Jane Whitefield helps people disappear.


James Shelby was in prison for the murder of his wife. Now, the people who framed him want him dead. He's called to court to testify on another matter when Jane stages his escape.

Unfortunately, Jane is captured by the people who want Shelby dead. She's shot in the leg trying to escape and they bring her to a secluded spot to torture her to force her to talk.

She reaches back to her Seneca Indian heritage to bear…


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"A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies...you can invent." Blake

In 1892, in Portland, Maine, Maggie Keene's body is found. It appears to be a ritual killing. Her body is severely mutilated.

Deputy Sheriff Archie Lean is the primary investigator. He's assisted by Percival Grey, a brilliant criminalist who is half Indian and a Pinkerton.


The author does a good job in describing the characters but still they don't…


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