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Of the three novels I have just released on Kindle this one has been selling best.  I have no idea why that should be.  Is it the cover?  Or is it the description of the book?


MASUDA AFFAIR is the follow-up on CONVICT'S SWORD.  In CONVICT'S SWORD, Akitada loses his small son, and his marriage crumbles.  Fans have objected to this much tragedy. …


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Werner Lind The Gift

I am surprised that someone actually had to suggest to me that I read this. I had read it, loved, and being the genius that I am thought I had already posted on it. But, low and behold, I had not .Go figure! I need to talk about this digital short story, because it rocks flat out. But let’s hold our horses here for a minute. Yesterday on my blogtalk radio show ,The G-ZONE, I had Big Daddy Abel on and we had a blast, going from one subject to another including getting into a debate on where…


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Dancing with myself

Absolutely thrilled to be Dancing with myself over at Sea Minor. Many thanks to Nigel Bird for letting me do the one woman waltz all over his blog. What a gent!

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COMPETITION : What's this Kick-ass Girl's Name?

What's this sassy girl's name? She's Josie's side-kick and wanna-be Private Detective.

Help me name this kick-ass character from SAYONARA. Follow the clues ...…

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Reviewers, Part 1

If I’ve learned anything throughout all my years or writing, it’s that this business is difficult. There are obstacles every step of the way.

First, there is writing the story. Sure, if you want to take a further step back there is the creation of the plot, characters, setting, etc. I mean the actual writing, though. Setting aside a portion of the day to write. Then, after X amount of days working and rewrites and editing and rewrites, you enter the ‘send out query letters and receive… Continue

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New - Alexander Steele and the Ring of Death


I'am putting the finishing touches of Philly detective Alex Steele's newest story Ring of Death. This short story follows the newly released novel BLACKOUT.  It is the prequel to the very successful Case of the Death Dealer which takes place in Philadelphia.

The Case of the Ring of Death will lure our famous Philly detective into the secret world behind the scenes in the Vatican.  Follow Steele as he attempts to solve this baffling case while preserving old traditions and…


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New - Alexander Steele and the Ring of Death

Working on the final review of Philly detective Alex Steele's newest story Ring of Death. It's the short story following the novel BLACKOUT and the prequel to the Case of the Death Dealer.

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It is always a challenge to make characters seem real, but using your own experiences and emotions, like a method actor, takes them a long way.




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Paul Levine Flesh & Bones


Hopefully I can get this right, because believe me I want to, on so many levels. First to just get this out of the way, this novel just flat out ROCKS! Now I have had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Paul Levine on my blogtalk show The G-ZONE last week. I know I mentioned this yesterday in my John Locke/Vegas Moon post, but the reason I point this out yet again is this: The guy’s voice, as smooth, kind and silky as it is, was in my head the entire time I was pressing the…


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The Prestigious Matt Rees International Literary Prizes

I have observed in this space before that author bios tend to be short on interesting detail and overfull of prize lists. Philip Roth, for example, doesn’t seem to exist, according to his bio. He doesn’t live anywhere, nor was he born. He simply receives prizes. This week I’m reading a very good historical novel by a writer who shall remain nameless. Perhaps it’s best that she…


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Romance, anyone?

Guest blogger Nancy Naigle talks about keeping her romance novels fresh today on my blog, Another Writer’s Life - http://ascamacho.blogspot.com/

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I'll be on Portsmouth Live TV 3 May, talking about my marine mystery crime novels

Next Tuesday, on 3 May, I will be on the Book Programme on PortsmouthLive TV talking to Sally Cronin about my DI Andy Horton crime novels, and the latest crime fiction books in the marine mystery series of police procedurals including…

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Grab a copy of Pestilence (Paperback) for just $2

Amazon are currently offering my thriller novel Pestilence for the amazing giveaway price of just…


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Great Canadian legal series

I enjoy a number of genres - legal thrillers being one of them. But when mentally going over my list of favourite authors, I realized that none of the legal list were Canadian. So I was excited to read …

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Do readers of noir prefer the bad guys over the good guys?

On my blog tonight is a little musing about three characters I write.  Two homicide cops and a professional killer.  And the more vocal fans who prefer the killer.  So what does that say about those who read the genre?


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Attend Virtual Launch Party for "Cleansing Eden"

Good news! "Cleansing Eden" is due out before the week is up. To kick things off, I'm planning a virtual launch party. The black tie affair will take place through my e-mail newsletter.


In addition to the standard where-to-get-it stuff, I'll throw in some freebie extras. Maybe the fabled "Cleansing Eden" online video game will finally make an appearance, you never…


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How to Choose a Striking Character Name

Check out my #7 kick-ass TOP TIPS in developing a memorable character name



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My Interview at Criminal-e

Al Guthrie, Scots writer of Kiss Her Goodbye among other titles has asked me questions and I've answered.

Here's a link to the interview.

All in reference to my latest effort, … Continue

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John Locke Vegas Moon


Hey, the guy keeps pumping them out and my Kindle keeps getting giddy with delight that he is. Truly amazing! I read a number of character driven series, but already, John Locke has secured a spot at the top of my list. He just keeps cranking them out, and they get better and better and better. But let’s put the brakes on this love fest for a minute and give you guys an update on a few things in the world of G. Tomorrow I am posting on Paul Levine’s Flesh & Bones, an oldie but…


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