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Raise Your Hand If You're Hiding from Life

Why do we write? The pay is lousy, the hours before a computer are long, and forget about fame in the current state of publishing where some dumb celebrity or crooked politician will sell anything his ghost writer puts on paper before a real writer gets anywhere. I have a theory that writers find more satisfaction in the world of their own creation than there is in the real one.

Most of us participate in reality. We have jobs, families, and social obligations. But in that other world… Continue

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A look back and ahead ... 8 books, 2 years

It was around this time two years ago that I signed my first publishing contract. I think that anniversary makes me pause, just like the anniversary of my father's death makes me pause, my birthday makes me pause, etc.

I had a brief moment of panic this weekend. Am I releasing too many books too often? Should I back off? Should I wait?

Here's the scenario: I had 4 books release last year, two of which are in print now. This year I will have 4 more new books out and 5 total… Continue

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Merry, Merry Second Calling

Just got word that my second book has been accepted by my publisher, and of course I have to analyze that feeling.

I doubt if I'm quite as excited as the first time. First, nothing beats the initial feeling of vindication and support a writer gets with publication with a traditional house. It's knowing that it isn't just you, or you and your spouse, who believe in your work. It's success on the best level.

In addition, at the second call you know how much work you're in… Continue

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Well, life is full of surprises. Our July 26th interview with Kathryn Casey was NOT on the air due due to some strange occurance at Outlaw Radio's off-premises web-host -- or some such techno babble. We cleverly recorded the interview just in case -- but the recording ALSO suffered some extraterrestial damage. Go figure. Either forces were conspiring against us, or the delay is all for the best. Ms Casey has bravely decided to return to the show THIS… Continue

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2008 Ned Kelly Awards Shortlist

There's a rumour going around (and I haven't been able to confirm this list via the Ned Kelly's own website, but the short list may have arrived!) ** means I've read it!

Best First Fiction:

Golden Serpent, Mark Abernethy **

A Fraction Of The Whole, Steve Toltz

The Low Road, Chris Womersley **

Best Fiction:

Sucked In, Shane Maloney **

Amongst The Dead, Robert Gott **

El Dorado, Dorothy Porter **

Shatter, Michael Robotham **

Best… Continue

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"The Wrong End of a Gun Barrel" Sold to SEATTLE NOIR

Hello, friends:

I have just sold a short story, "The Wrong End of a Gun Barrel," to SEATTLE NOIR.

It is part of the Akashic Books award-winning Noir Series.

SEATTLE NOIR will be published in the spring of 2009.

For further information on the Noir Series, visit


Stay tuned for more exciting news from this busy… Continue

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Book Signing Adventure - Part One

Photo: Sarah, Bobby, Michael and Linda at The Mystery Bookstore - Westwood, Calif.

I’d written my book, in blood it sometimes seemed, but it was all worth it when I received the email from a small publisher informing me that there was a contract in the mail. Ah, I beamed to myself, as I danced around my crowded home-office; the gods had finally smiled on me!

Little did I know that the hard work hadn’t even begun. My small… Continue

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I'm Taking Over, and It's For Your Own Good

I've tried to avoid it, but the time has come. Someone needs to step in and save us from ourselves, and apparently no one else is willing. The political candidates can only natter on about the economy and war overseas, but what about the things that are really messing up America?

Cell phones: I decree that there will be two types and only two. One has everything on it from GPS navigation to motion picture capability, FX included. The other will simply make phone calls. It will have… Continue

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Make That Change

Summer is a good time to replace bad habits with good ones. We all have more free personal time because all our favorite shows are in re-runs or replaced by vapid, pointless reality programs. Yes, you could start exercising again, and volunteering for a worthy organization is always a great idea. But if I could offer you one little piece of advice it would be the one thing that will benefit you as much as it will benefit me.

Read more books and watch television less. :-)

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One mystery builds on another...

Well, ok, there is a small element of suspense in my short story, "Lady in Waiting," but there are no bodies and no crimes have been committed. Instead, it's a sweet, little mystery I've written for a book called Cambridge Voices, a collection celebrating the renovation of my local (Cambridge, Mass.) library. There's a cat in it, of course, and the story takes place… Continue

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Discussion of out-of-the-box book promotion continues today on MURDER BY 4

Author Karen Dionne is today's guest on MURDER BY 4. Karen is the author of the upcoming release FREEZING POINT (October 2, 2008) and co-founder of the writers organization, Backspace.

Karen's passion for networking and unique take on virtual book tours makes this a fascinating read for all writers regardless of genre and experience!
Hope you'll have a chance to stop by and post a comment.

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Author Update

There was interesting variety in my book signings this week. Friday afternoon I stood in front of what is possibly the smallest Borders in their system. It’s the third store in Washington Dulles International Airport. As always I made some new international friends, and fans, but I have to say the pace of that place was unreal.

Then Saturday I visited one of the smaller Books-A-Million stores, the one in the Beltway Plaza Mall. I’m told not many writers agree to sign in that store in… Continue

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Getting It Ready to Go

It's exciting and unnerving to send out a manuscript, perhaps more so when you know what you're actually doing. The first time, we may think that the MS is perfect, the agent/editor will gasp and say, "This is exactly what I've been searching for," and we will be on the way to reader adulation. By the tenth or hundredth time, you've done some research and you know a few things.

First, it probably isn't perfect. No matter how many times you check, you'll probably miss something that… Continue

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Weekly Blog - Monday 28th July

Harrogate And Other Stories…

This week’s special edition blog comes to you from the departure lounge of Barcelona airport. I’ve spent the last few days in the city with Lisa to celebrate her 40th birthday. It’s a fantastic place packed with the architectural wonders of that ‘modernista’ genius Antoni Gaudi, the tapas is varied and tasty, and the sangria slips down nicely on a hot sunny day. But enough of my European adventures, instead, let me turn my attention to the week before last,… Continue

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Steel Witches

Doubt that I will be a good blogger but thought I might give it a try.
If anyone reads this I have just finished Steel Witches by Patrick Lennon, which I found a pretty good read.
It hasn't suffered from "second book syndrome". Its an interesting mix of conspiracy, abandoned WWII USAF airbase, local folklore and (being England) the weather. Set in Cambridge/East Anglia. I think its worth read.

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I've got an audio version of my story "Cutman" up on Seth Harwood's stellar crime fiction podcast series CrimeWAV.

You can check it out either by clicking here or here for the direct audio content.

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Anthony Neil Smith Interview

Suspect: Anthony Neil Smith Known Aliases: The Enforcer, Dubh, Opinionated Jackass

Occupation: Writer, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Southwest Minnesota University (whew!)

Last Known Location: The Great White North...er, southern Minnesota

Listen in as Neil talks about his latest book, Yellow… Continue

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A Study in Red - Another Nomination - Win a Copy of the book!

A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper has been named as Book Cover of the Week on the website of Erin Aislinn


The book will now be included in the poll for Erin Aislinn's Book cover of the month for July and the voting will open very soon. Anyone who places a vote for the book will be included in a free draw with one lucky person winning a copy of the e-book edition of the book. I will of course post the link… Continue

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Choose Carefully

Just before I sat down to write my newsletter (you can subscribe thru my web site ) my lovely wife Denise asked me, "Where did the time go?" We actually spent almost three hours sitting in the kitchen eating Sunday breakfast. Well, actually we spent most of that time talking. What about? This and that. Who we care about and why. Plans for the future. What we each do that makes the other happy. Or sad. Nothing. Everything.

If you're still single… Continue

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Murder Mystery Evening A Huge Success

When a body of a woman was found in Portsmouth Central Library, on the evening of 25 July 2008, I and fellow crime writer,June Hampson were on hand to help solve the puzzle, but we were banned from doing so. Why? Because this was a murder mystery evening organised by library staff. And a hugely successful event it was too.

Over sixty guests were asked to follow a trail of clues scattered around the three floors of the library to uncover the… Continue

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