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Today on The G-ZONE: Mark Cooper ,author of “Infection”, “Blood” and the popular “How I Met Your Mother” digital short series

Today at 5pm EST, I get the opportunity to interview Mark Cooper for the first time. It should be fun. Here is a little about him and today’s link:

“Mark Cooper is a 37 year old civil servant, father of three and life-long lover of the strange and…


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Lady Knights on the Mean Streets: Modern Women in Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction-Guest Post by Thad Brown, one of "The Dark Pages Deadly Dozen"

What we’ve come to call the “hard-boiled” tradition in crime fiction, as it’s lovingly explored and chronicled here in Crime Wave Magazine, originated in the American pulps of the 1920s, and flourished through the rise of the paperbacks in the 1950s.  (As I’m using the term “hard-boiled” here, it denotes crime fiction that involves a significantly greater component of violent or potentially violent action than the traditional mystery, is less focused on cerebral deduction, and may not…


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Happy Thanksgiving to Everybody!


From of all of us here at Gelati’s Scoop, The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show and Trestle Press we hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving Day.

We know not everyone we know or work with celebrates this holiday on Thursday, but everyone is in our thoughts and we appreciate all the support and kind words we have received. Without everybody we would not be able to do…


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Joe Brennan, author of the soon to released novel "Superdollar", Guest Post

There are very few ordinary people in Northern Ireland. By ordinary I mean, nine to five job, a wife or a husband, two kids, a dog and a mortgage. About three weeks ago my twenty two year old son Mark came into my office in West Belfast and I suggested we go grab some lunch in a cafe a few hundred yards up the road. When we went in, the place was pretty busy; it’s a nice place good food at a good price. We were about to leave as there were no tables when I heard my name being called, Joe! It…


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Mondays Guests on The G-ZONE: a founding member of “The Dark Pages Deadly Dozen” Julia Madeleine and NYT Best-Selling author John Weisman, author of “KBL”

I have two guests today: Julia Madeleine and John Weisman.  John Weisman starts the show off at 4pm EST, with Julia Madeleine joining us a little later into it. Here is a little something on each author:

Julia Madeleine:

Julia Madeleine is a thriller writer and tattoo artist living on the outskirts of Toronto with her husband and teenage daughter. For a year she lived in the country on a 30-acre wooded property which became the inspiration for her second…


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Another Busy Week on The G-ZONE

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we have another incredible week on The G-ZONE: #1 Best-Selling authors, a Christian/Inspirational panel, one of the “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”, and a noted horror author. Here is the line-up:

Monday-November 21, 4pm EST- John Weisman and Julia Madeleine

Tuesday- November 22- no show, I am peeling 20lbs. of potatoes for Thanksgiving. I am one of the steady QB’s for the Family football game, I need my throwing arm well rested, that and I…


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Contest Everybody! Lisa Taylor,author of the Shana Black series askes: "Do You Have What it Takes?"

Then we're gonna have ourselves a CONTEST!

The competition begins on Monday, November 21 and ends on Monday December 12th.

Don't wait til Nov 21, ENTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!



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An Idea Bludgeoned, Knifed, and Executed by Trestle Press’ “Dark Pages Deadly Dozen”

Ladies and gentleman, and I use that term loosely as I know many of you, a new anthology is about to hit the world smack in the face, “Dark Pages-Volume 1” !

The idea for this came from the brilliant and fertile minds of two people, on opposite sides of the world: Paul D. Brazill in Poland and B.R. Stateham in the U.S.A.

The idea and the challenge: to find the finest Noir/Hard-Boiled authors the world has to offer and find out what it means in different parts of the world. To…


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Graham Smith "11 The Hard Way"

I have never looked at the number 11 in this manner, the hard way. But once you get into it, you will see that the title is apt. Eleven stories that have edge, moxie, and a bit of punch in the face reality that will satisfy any reader looking for a single yet multifaceted read. Basically Graham Smith delivers the goods not just once, twice or even three times, but one less than a dozen. This is the unbaker’s dozen of  hard-boiled/noir that works as intended; it is dark, has plenty of meat…


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Silver Tears (Drunk on the Moon) by Paul D. Brazill, John Donald Carlucci

Have you read any of the Drunk on the Moon Series yet? No, why not? I suggest you stop what you are doing and get on it then. This is the sixth installment in the series and it shows no signs of slowing down so you might as well get onboard while you can.

Paul D. Brazill and John Donald Carlucci deliver one of the richest, fullest reads the series has delivered. Roman gets fleshed out even more, if that is possible for a werewolf, and has some fun doing what he does best, being a…


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Darren Sant "Rowan's Folly"

The next two days of posts for me will all be works from authors that reside overseas. I wanted to start off the fun with Darren Sant. His work on this digital short series is nothing short of spectacular. He is able to get down, dirty and into the heads of those that reside on the other side of the tracks. The attitude, the manner, the fabric of what everyday life must be…


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New Releases this week from Trestle Press

There are at least 12 new releases this week from the authors of Trestle Press. A wide variety of genres and included in the bunch is one incredible anthology-“Dark Pages-Volume One”, and a new edition to the #1 Best-Selling Short Story Series in the World-“Amish Knitting Circle”.

Here is the lineup of new releases for this week:

Tanya Contois- “Wicked Little…


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Interview Nerves? Not Many! Guest Post by Graham Smith, author of "11 The Hard Way"

Earlier this year I attended the Harrogate Crime Festival and in my role as a reviewer for I had been asked if I would conduct a few interviews. I had done it the year before and had interviewed lots of my favourite authors, including such names as Mark Billingham, Jeff Lindsay and Jeffery Deaver.


So I had a look at the line-up of authors…


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I Write a Short Story Series About an Atypical Hit Man by B.R. Stateham

  I write a short story series about an atypical hit man.  The series is called Call Me Smitty.  The stories are atypical in that he does things you least expect from a professional killer. And it is this unexpected, unanticipated quirk in the man's personality which I want to discuss briefly. Specifically I want to discuss three stories I am particularly fond of



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Be a Part of a World-Changing Event: "Maynard Soloman Proves Santa is Real"by Benjamin Sobieck

Since a monster surge of traffic ate my website's generous November bandwidth in less than 12 days (, I've no choice but to make this extremely important announcement right here, right now. I need your full attention. This could be the most significant few sentences of your entire life. One that will blow everything you thought about being human on this planet out of the water.

Yes, that's right. Santa is real.

And not in some "he's real in our hearts,…


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The G-ZONE blogtalk radio schedule for this week , November 14th-19th

Hey, another busy week of interviews has us going Monday through Saturday this week with plenty of incredible authors to listen to and learn from. Here are the days, times and lineup of authors:

Monday – Angelique LaFontaine and Paul Guthrie- 5pm EST

Tuesday- Les Edgerton- 6pm EST

Wednesday-Heath Lowrance-4pm EST

Thursday- Angel  Zapata-4pm EST

Friday-Frank Duffy at 6pm EST and then at 7pm EST The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Book Town



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KBL: Kill Bin Laden: A Novel Based on True Events John Weisman

Reading a book you already know the ending of before you start I think lends to a bit of trepidation. I had a little bit. I mean I have read other novels by the author, enjoyed his style, enjoyed the substance, have had many good experiences so why not right?

I have to say he nails this, from the first page to the last, he struck every chord, hit every note, and made a recount of events seem as real and visceral as if I was there, watching it all unfold in my face. The tales of…


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Party over here, Party over there,…What the H#@* is a Twitter Party?

Party Time! Yes it is. Trestle Press will be holding a number of them, in the virtual sense. Feel free to drink all you want; it is a virtual party, the drinks are on you, sorry. Trestle Press will be hosting at least four of them between now and the New Year. The dates will appear below with the Trestle Press twitter link so you can party hardy dude. I mean if you are going…


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Col Bury "Manchester 6"


Admission I need to make before we go any further: I really had no idea that “flash fiction” could be this much fun before I got to read work from Darren Sant, Luca Veste, Sue Mydliak,  McDroll, and now Col Bury (hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out, if I did excuse me, sorry).

I am not sure what possess an author to try to tell a story in such a short word count, but for these people it works and works well. I am not just curious but totally enthralled when I read this stuff.…


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Hardit Singh releases “Fast Lane” with Trestle Press

UK author Hardit Singh releases the digital short story “Fast Lane’ with Trestle Press today.

“Fast Lane” synopsis and a bit on the author:

“Detective Vincent Perez operates on both sides of the law and is comfortable with doing so. However, he doesn’t realise he is slowly losing himself in the darkness, he is trying to stop.

 It is only when he endangers…


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