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Today's Question

We all know that a doe is a deer, a FEMALE deer. Some animals have gender specific names, and if that's good for the goose then it's good for the gander. So, what do you call a male ladybug?

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Dean M. DeLuke Shedrow

I didn’t know if this was going to be something I could enjoy, a mystery surrounding race horses. I know absolutely nothing about horse racing or horses in general other than the fact that they have four legs,

consume food, and it comes out the other end in large steaming piles. Fortunately

for me this novel was not a big steaming pile.

I was as shocked as anyone that I got a groove on this. I would say the reason was that Dean…


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Barry Ergang's New Book

Barry Ergang, who occasionally will review a book on my blog, has just released a free book of several of his flash fiction stories through Smashwords. The cool thing, besides the fact he may be able to teach me how to format stuff for… Continue

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NEW ORLEANS NOCTURNAL is a series of nine short stories featuring New Orleans Police Homicide Detective John Raven Beau. Half-Cajun and Half-Sioux, Beau is a relentless pursuer, a man who will track a killer across miles of dark streets, through swamps, wastelands, over rivers and…


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Author Update

This last weekend held a pair of fun events in two states. The Borders Express in Montgomery Mall has been remodelled and the whole mall has changed a bit since my last visit, but the Maryland readers were welcoming as usual. My book signing at the Borders superstore in Fairfax, Virginia was even more successful. This was a first visit but you can bet I'll be back there soon. All in all, a great weekend for signing books.

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A Q & A on The Suffocating Sea, the third in the Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime series

I did this Q & A session recently for the Chichester Book Club web site and thought Id' post it here. It's based on the third novel in the Andy Horton marine mystery crime series, The Suffocating Sea, which is available in paperback and as an unabridged audio book and e book.

How would you describe your crime novel, The Suffocating…


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"4 Killer Crime Stories in 4 Minutes" Benefits My Kidney

I haven't been very public about this, but earlier this year I was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease. This meant my wife and I needed to move our lives one state over and receive a kidney from a donor. Luckily, that happened before things got really bad.

Unluckily, kidney transplants are extremely expensive. The care required after the operation is also extensive. It isn't like changing a tire. It's like changing how your entire… Continue

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My Big Announcement

It has been more than a year in the works... and now, hopefully, we'll reap the benefits of patience, planning and hard work.

And yes, soon we'll be announcing a package of promotional services for authors.

Please read our announcement press release.…


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Blast From The Past Joseph Finder Vanished

Last Sunday, I shared with you a series of novels I thought would make you laugh and cringe at the same time. This week I have a novel for you that have recently been released in paperback, Joseph Finder’s Vanished. To

say I am a fan is an understatement. I have read all his novels and always look

forward to the next. So, if you wish, click off here, thinking I am a homer, see

you tomorrow, maybe. Me being the

Yankees fan I was raised to be, always can…


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Art Fairs by Margot Justes

Yesterday was one of those rare perfect…


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Winners - 2010 Davitt Awards (the 10th time the Awards have been held!)

Media Release:…


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Digital Short Saturday Carla René Zen in the Art Of Absurdity

Please before you come after me to explain how this fits into the category of digital shorts, it’s very simple. Carla Rene has put together a novel of short digital shorts that in total has a word count of

16,580 words. I am not going to go into each and every short she has. Instead I

am going to focus on one, the cute little diddy she put together that has the

childhood reading characters, Dick & Jane, and Jack & Jill in a race. I

like the…


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Digital Short Saturday True Stories Vincent Zandri

I find that many things are true in this world, one of which is that I have quickly become a big fan of Zandri’s. He penned another digital short available from StoneHouse Ink- True Stories. The digital short is 4560

words of pure emotion; I was totally wiped out when I was done reading it. The

naked emotion he is able to convey in his brief narrative is nothing short of


The cover has…


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If you live in the Chicago area, you won't want to miss "The Body in the Library", a free Love is Murder preview celebrating the birthday of the grand…


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Digital Short Saturday Jason McIntyre Road Markers

Saturday is upon us and here we go again, Digital Short Saturday. Each week that I investigate this new tool authors are using to help us see into their creative process, the more I am getting sucked into the

enjoyment of it. I happened upon this digital short because I became friends of

the author on Goodreads. We exchanged messages and he said as a side note, I

have some novels written but I don’t know if they are your thing, having

checked out my…


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Review: Me, Myself & Why by Mary Janice Davidson

Me, Myself and Why -- read the review at

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Book Review: Me, Myself & Why by Mary Janice Davidson

Book Review: Me, Myself & Why by Mary Janice Davidson

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Justified Sins Receives Four Star Review!

I woke up this morning to a wonderful four-star review of my new e-book, Justified Sins. Writer Debra Martin read more into the story than I think I intended to be there, but it's made me rethink my opinion that JS was going to be a one-off novel. Mr. Pierce… Continue

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Graphic Novel Friday Batman/ Gotham Underground Frank Tieri

Are you a Batman fan of any kind? I am and this is just the graphic novel for any size Batman fan: passive /aggressive or in the middle. Frank Tieri along with J. Calafiore as Penciller and Jack Purcell/ Inker make

an amazzing team (this is so good I had to use two z’s).You want villains:

Biff, Pow, Wham, you have almost all of them in these pages.

I give no spoilers but here is the synopsis from the back page: ”Gotham City may be…


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Review of Jamie Freveletti's new novel, "Running Dark"

Author Jamie Freveletti will be part of "The Body in the Library" Love is Murder Conference Preview at the Schaumburg Township Public Library Sept. 15, 7:00-8:30pm -- Agatha Christie's birthday. Here's a recent Chicago Tribune review of Freveletti's new novel.

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