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Graphic Novel Friday Graphic Classics Number Eighteen

TGIF to everyone! Today I am featuring two different people I had met over at Linkedin and their studios: Graphic Classics and Latchkey. First up is Graphic Classic Volume Eighteen which is a series of stories

together: Little Women, The Rival Prima Donnas, Buzz, The Piggy Girl, Lost in a

Pyramid, The Lay of a Golden Goose, and A Whisper in the Dark. The back cover

says:” Little Women & Big Thrills! Love and laughter, tragedy and gothic



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Graphic Novel Friday Guest Post Latchkey Studios

Things sure aren’t what they used to be. When I started my book, Ties, I was still a starry-eyed college student at Savannah College of Art and Design, dreaming about drawing for a living. That was until

I actually found out what it takes to get a book published. I found alternative

comics a puddle within a tiny koi pond, and sharks lived there. So it was my decision to try the



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Q&A with Floyd Buck Periwinkle author of The Breaker Series

Q&A with Floyd Buck Periwinkle author of The Breaker Series

Giovanni: Welcome to The Scoop, Buck. How have things been going for you?

Buck: Excellent! Just this morning I found out that my first digital short in the series: Signed , Sealed and Delivered moved up to a tie at number 5 @Smashwords Highest rated and has just gone live at Barnes and Nobles.

I would say that is progress in less…


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David Baldacci Hell's Corner

David Baldacci is one of my top ten favorite authors. I have read his previous nineteen novels, all NYT bestsellers and enjoyed them all to a high degree, so when I got this my fingers were tingling, ready to turn the

pages and enjoy. Here is the synopsis of the novel:’ John Carr, aka Oliver Stone-once the most

skilled assassin his country ever had-stands in Lafayette Park in front of the

White House, perhaps for the last time. The president has personally…


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Guest Post Melody Carlson

Someone recently dubbed me “Queen of the Christmas Storytellers” which is a stretch at best, but an honor just the same. And it’s true, I have “penned” a few Christmas tales—I think I’m up to about eight or

nine novellas now. Ironically I write these stories in the middle of summer.

Usually in July. I’ll be up in my garret writing studio (which used to get

stinking hot until I put in AC) and I’ll be writing about snow falling and hot

cocoa and pine…


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Romantic Wednesday Chrismas at Harrington's Melody Carlson

I have to admit that the cover is what drew me to Christmas at Harrington's. I absolutely love everything about Christmas. The cover depicts a snowy scene in what appears to be the main street in a small town.

The street is decorated for Christmas; there is a beautifully decked out store

window display. Pictured is a woman wearing what looks like a coat Santa might don,

admiring the window display. It's such a warm and inviting scene; I…


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James Patterson Don't Blink

I like to be entertained when I read a novel. People read for many reasons; that is mine. Why do I start off like that? Well it seems just because Patterson sells so

many novels he gets some backlash, being numero uno sometimes comes with a cost.

In this case some of it heavy criticism. Is Don’t

a work of art? Is it going to be mentioned…


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Guest Post Daniel Carter author of The Unwanted Trilogy

God VS Science

More times than I can remember people have tried to remove the subject of God from the subject of science. We've been inundated by media, teachers and establishments that the two are exclusive. Well what if they

aren't? What if they are intricately woven together and you couldn't have one

without the other?

The older I get…


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New Novel Releases for the Week of Nov. 16

I have been surprised by the number of you that read this post each week. Please tell a friend and have them follow it also. I also appreciate the input from you, keep it up. There a few big names this week; I

guess you count the President a big name.

-Laura Hillenbrand-Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival

-Clive Cussler- Cresent Dawn

-Alyson Noel- Night Star…


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Guest Post Tony Bertot

Hi everyone my name is Tony Bertot and I am the author of The Heart of an Assassin and The Birth of an Assassin.

I would like to take this opportunity to address a question I am constantly being asked by both friends and family;

"How do I keep track of all of the characters?"…


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Self-Published Sunday Jason McIntyre Shed

Question: if you follow this blog do you think I have read all of this author’s work? The correct answer is yes, yes, and yes again. What can I say; his incredible style and substance grew on me. I was a bit skeptical

at first because of the types of novels he wrote, the shocking, twisted type of

thing. He said maybe it isn’t my speed, but give one of his digital shorts a

go. I read Road Markers, loved it. Then I tried The Night Walk Men & On…


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Self-Published Sunday Thomas White Justice Rules

I am consistently amazed at the quality of work that I am finding in the area of Self-Published authors. I think that is why this posting day has become so popular with our readers. And if I haven’t said it recently,

thanks for being a reader of this blog. It is nice to know I am not just

putting this stuff out there in a vacuum; there are some very nice people out

there. That being said here is today’s novel, Justice Rules. It is a thriller…


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Digital short Saturday The Breaker Series: The Intro-Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Welcome to what is becoming one of our most followed posting days, Digital short Saturday. I enjoy reading the digital shorts so much; it is a nice break in the weekly reading schedule. This week I found a gem and I wanted to highlight this one. The

Breaker Series is something that I stumbled onto this week on Smashwords. It

was released on Sunday and already this bad boy is making noise and waves on

many of their lists. This is one of the highest rated…


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Graphic Novel Friday Stephen King's The Dark Tower/Treachery

Ah treacherous women, who would have thunk. Check this out from the inside flap of the graphic novel:’What does treachery look like? Everyone knows treachery is defined as someone doing you wrong when they ought

not be. So now you want to know how to sopt it? Well then, welcome to Giead…an’

take your pick of sights to see.

Follow Steven Deschain and his ka-tet of Gilead’s protectors as they ride out to the hinterlands to find…


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Graphic Novel Friday Stephen King's The Stand/Captain Trips

I have decided to make today an all Stephen King graphic novel day. After this thriller, I will post later on The Dark Tower /Treachery. I want to right off the bat thank all of you for messages telling me I should

start to read King’s full length novels .I will start to do that in 2011. Right

now I want to run through the graphic novels and then I will dive into that no

problem, so thanks for kind words and encouragement.



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Heidi M. Thomas Cowgirl Dreams

To my great surprise this one was a scorcher; I am going to say that right off the bat. I want to get right to the synopsis so I can give my thoughts on this afterwards; I think it will make more sense that way.

“Defying family and social pressure, Nettie Brady bucks 1920s convention with her dream of becoming a rodeo star. That means competing with men, and cowgirls who ride the rodeo circuit are considered loose women.

Addicted to the…


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Guest Post Bob Hamer- Honoring Those Who Serve


By Bob Hamer


I admit to being a country and western fan. As an author who pens 300-plus page books I admire writers who can tell their story in a two or three minute song. For James Otto’s latest CD,…


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Romantic Wednesday Tamera Alexander Within My Heart

I want to thank everyone for such a nice response to our first official romance day; I was stunned. Let’s get right to this novel as it’s something that really found a place in my mind and heart very quickly. I guess

having a wife and seven daughters rubbed off on me a little and I was able to

channel my feminine side during this read. I really am enjoying the historical

romance category. I am going to try others, but right now I am grooving on this



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Christopher Payne The Gargoyle Prophecies, Part I The Savior

I have been reading much more sci-fi and paranormal then I usually do, I have no idea why. That being said, I thought I would just start to get into a groove and sit back and enjoy the reading. I hit a couple winners

for this week. Today I am featuring Christopher Payne and his debut The Gargoyle Prophecies. Debuts are a

mixed grab bag; this one sits near the top. The plotline is different from

anything I have read or seen about gargoyles. He…


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Daniel Carter The Unwanted, Part One of the Trilogy

The sci-fi, paranormal parade continues with another barnburner that is a series. Trust me, when you read this you will be glad it is a series, there is so much info, backstory, and plotline crammed into this

installment, reading the next two is a must. The plotline is complex, the

reading enjoyable and fun; there are just so many facets and elements to it.

Without further ado, here is the synopsis of the novel:

“ An explosion…


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