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Guest Post John C. Stipa author of No Greater Sacrifice

How do they do it? How do authors make us care?

When you read a book, do you get all of the symbolism or subtle messages the author tries to send you? Or are you happy to just read and let the story wash over you, not really caring about the deeper meaning that

might be flowing through the pages?

I’m not saying one mindset is better than the other. Sometimes, when I’m really…


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Self Published Sunday John C. Stipa No Greater Sacrifice

Welcome to inaugural Self Published Sunday. I am really getting a groove on this. Why, you ask, is this so? My reasons are simple as I am not a very complex being. You will notice today that I am doing something

each time with these posts that I don’t do too often with my other posts that

come from a more “traditionally” published author. That aspect is including

information that they, the author has placed on different areas of the jacket.

My point with…


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Digital Short Saturday Tor Richardson Starting Over

It is that time of the week again as I try to bring you some fun in the digital short world. Stories that are compact, concise and feel like you just held a firecracker in your hand right until it exploded. Today is Tor

Richardson and his 5500 word digital short Starting

I really enjoyed the way he laid this one out. Before we get into it

though, just know that you can support this author and his fun work by clicking

on the cover…


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Grtaphic Novel Friday Chicagoland Detecive Agency: The Brain Drain Caper Trina Robbins

I was really surprised by this when I opened the pages. I knew absolutely nothing about the author, Trina Robbins or this series. What an eye opener! Trina Robbins has been writing for thirty, yes I said thirty years.

Her website is @; it is cute and very informative. She has penned a

variety of graphic novels; just the covers give you a glimpse into…


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Graphic Novel Friday Escape From Terra Big Head Press

Recently I got my hands on some graphic novels from Big Head Press, they like to print “Thoughtful Stories”. What really caught my eye is the diversity and originality of their work. They have a very visual and busy

website, , check it out and

have a nice time. Escape From Terra,

Volume One
is a compilation of the comic strip over two year period of

time. You can view the…


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Richard Doetsch The Thieves of Darkness

I would like to do things a bit out of order here. Usually I would say some nice stuff about the novel right away, but I would instead prefer to give that space today to the author. The Thieves of Darkness is my second Richard Doestsch read and I am

really enjoying his writing style. He has penned four novels to date and is

currently working on his fifth. The novels he has out are: The Thieves Of Heaven, The



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Guest Post Dean DeLuke author of Shedrow

Recipe for Writing a Great Thriller: Ten Key Ingredients

1) Start with the big “what if.” Any great story starts with that simple “what if” question. What if a series of high-profile executives in the managed care

industry are serially murdered? (Michael Palmer’s The Society) What if a multimillion dollar…


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Jeff Lindsay Dexter Is Delicious

To say I am a fan of these novels is an understatement. I just love the writing style of Jeff Lindsay and am just amazed at the characters he has created with this story. The entire experience for me, from

front cover to the back of the novel, just flat out rocks. The cover is eye

catching and very colorful, for someone as simple minded as me this is a plus.

I can watch a fire or an aquarium for hours; this is almost as good.…


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C.J. Box Nowhere To Run

You may flog me now. This is actually the first time I have read C.J. Box and his hero Joe Pickett. I have no excuses why it took me so long to read my first one, only regrets that I have not been involved as a

reader sooner. Maybe I am not the only the one out there that hasn’t read the

fine works of C.J. Box. If that is the case then let it be known to the uninitiated

that he has won numerous awards: The Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, Gumshoe, and



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What do you have for us this week???

Hey we have a busy week ahead and I thought it would be a good idea to let you in on what is planned. We are going to have a strong September as we are getting many requests to look at novels from various types

of authors; it is fun. Here is our tentative posting schedule for this week:

Wednesday- C.J. Box up first and then later in the day, a guest post by Dean DeLuke.

Thursday- Richard Doestsch’s latest…


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James Patterson The Postcard Killers

I finally got to look at Sunday’s newspaper and this novel is sitting atop the New York Times Bestseller List, number one. James Patterson teaming up with Liza Marklund is a stroke of genius and this novel flat out rocks from beginning to end. The

story line goes as follows: ”NYPD detective Jacob Kanon is on a tour of

Europe’s most gorgeous cities. But the sights aren’t what draw him- he sees

each museum, each cathedral, and each café through the eyes of his…


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Gelati's Scoop Top 20 Novels of The Summer!

It is that time of the year again, it is Labor Day Weekend, and some people claim summer fun is over! I disagree!! The kids are back to school and that means…peace and quiet. Yes that forgotten lack of noise that

comes from the little rugrats or adolescents playing their video games. I for

one love our children, but don’t mind a little less noise and distractions. I

am getting old I guess. So, not to bore you anymore with any more of my ramblings,



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Digital Short Saturday Guest Post Carla Rene

How to Write the Great American Leaflet:

1. Stare at a blank screen for forty-minutes.

2. Place fingers over the keys, poised and ready for when inspiration strikes.

3. Check the internet for mail.

4. Get serious about writing and return to your still blank screen.

5. Take a phone call.



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Digital Short Saturday Guest Post Jason McIntyre

I'm new(ish) to the world of ebooks. Up to this point, many authors have felt ebooks were the second string player to traditional print media. These days, though, e-everything is taking off and books in digital form

are no exception. Every maker of the reading devices has upped their game and

the gadgets themselves are of such high quality now. As such, the marketing of ebooks has taken to

the Internet,…


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Graphic Novel Friday Astonishing X-Men Joss Whedon

The number of words in this post is going to be few. I am at a loss to adequately describe what I got to be a part of .The X-Men have been a big part of my collection from the number one issue. They were one of the

cornerstones of the collection I had till I had to let it go. That being said

this graphic novel is probably one of the best executed graphic novels I have

ever seen. It is just that good.

The team of Joss Whedon and…


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Lee Goldberg The Walk

Getting this post started was a tough one for me. I received an opportunity to read a novel by Lee Goldberg that he had penned a few moons ago, how many I am not sure. I think

most good novels are not like bread and don’t have a shelf life and get stale

and moldy after a certain date. The Walk

was originally printed in January 2004; mine was printed August 25, 2010. The

new technology is amazing. But I digress yet again.…


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What Do You Have For Me Today G-Man?

Hey, me again, how is it going? I think that you may have noticed things are changing here at Gelati’s Scoop. Times are changing with the publishing industry and we are trying to do as much as we can to bring you

varied content, different forms of writing (full length, digital short, graphic

novel), and also authors that are not as well known or have a debut coming in

the near future. Let’s face facts; everybody has to start…


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Guest Post Sandra Tooley Transitioning In The World Of Publishing

Back in the late 1980s when I was in writer infancy, I massaged a plot for a mystery novel. I did the submission two-step, sending out query letters and sample chapters only

to discover literary agents weren’t sure what to make of what I was

writing. I combined genres which was a

no-no back then. “Write mystery or

science fiction, but don’t combine the two.”

I had read once to write what you like to read. I liked to read…


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Guest Post Manoj Rao

Hi! Iʼm Manoj Rao, creator of WMDs the comic, available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch& iPad. When I approached Giovanni about reviewing our first two issues, WMDs #1.0 & #1.5, I’d also pitched

the idea of writing a guest blog for him, he graciously agreed and so here I

am. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to share with you, the

journey, perils, pitfalls & rewards of self-publishing in the digital age.…


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Dean M. DeLuke Shedrow

I didn’t know if this was going to be something I could enjoy, a mystery surrounding race horses. I know absolutely nothing about horse racing or horses in general other than the fact that they have four legs,

consume food, and it comes out the other end in large steaming piles. Fortunately

for me this novel was not a big steaming pile.

I was as shocked as anyone that I got a groove on this. I would say the reason was that Dean…


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