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-Are you looking for something different than what is out there in the blog tour world?

- Do you want to have your blog tour reflect your style, taste and give it added dimension, depth and impact?

-Are you looking for your work to be seen on more than just Amazon, a blog and Twitter?

When it comes to social networks, you have stopped at the place that has…


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A.J. Scudiere Guest Post

A.J. Scudiere will be my guest on The G-ZONE Weds. Sept. 28th @12pm EST. Here is a little something to get the ball rolling before the interview:

The writing of a thriller is just as much of a puzzle as the story itself is . . .

When I started writing God’s Eye, I already knew how the story would go. I knew which character was the demon and which was the angel. I knew what Katharine would have to go through to find her way and what the path she eventually chose would…


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Richard Doetsch, Natasha Deen,… and an amazingly full week on blogtalk radio-The G-ZONE

We have another great week of guests here on The G-ZONE many of them returning guests and for that we are very thankful. Without further ado, here is this week’s lineup:

Monday, Sept. 26th- Natasha Deen-4pm EST

Tuesday, Sept. 27th- Richard Doetsch-12 pm EST

Wednesday., Sept. 28th – Karen Mender ( Co-Founder Self- Publishing Book Expo) & A.J. Scudriere 12pm EST

Thursday, Sept. 29th- Sebastian Stuart & James Winter (Ebookery…


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Submissions:Do you have any?

Sunday, Sunday , Sunday. How are you doing? Good day to all. I come to you once again as we here at Trestle Press are gearing up for an amazing three month period of promotions: “Harbinger of Horror”, “Thanksgiving Thriller Feast” and last but not least ”Santa’s Goodie  Sack Full O’Multi –Genre Madness!”.

I think that you can see by the titles of the promotions we are looking to have some fun with this. The key here is to have quality digital short stories, novella’s, and full length…


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Coming Soon: Trestle Press’s “Harbinger of Horror”

Starting Oct. 3rd and running until Nov. 2nd Trestle Press will have its first “Harbinger of Horror” campaign. All titles that have anything to do with Horror, Suspense, Thriller, and Mystery will be featured. As of this writing the creative collective minds of the Trestle Press authors are painstakingly attempting to come up with some type of fun incentives to get you to read their hard work. WE WANT YOU AS A READER! Look for more updates as I am in the middle of…


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This Rocket Ship is off the Launchpad- Please Welcome Gelati MEDIA!

Today, I have officially launched Gelati Media. What exactly is that? Good question. I have created this to encompass all that we do here at Gelati’s Scoop, The G-ZONE Blogtalk Radio Show, and the freelance work we do. We have a new website set up for it, a new landing pad if you will:

The tabs take in:

  • Social Media & Brand Consulting
  • Blog Tours
  • All things Publishing: Editing,…

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Sam Lang "Two Johns" The Author's Lab/Collaboration series

I think you may have heard me say many times on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE that Sam Lang is: “one sick puppy”. Now I say that in the best possible way because what Sam Lang writes is horror, and he writes it rather well, maybe too well. He has a penchant for cranking up the tension, raising the suspense level and also for having a very dry, cutting sense of humor. When you combine all those qualities, I think that makes for some goose bumps and really good horror reading.…


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B.R. Stateham "Three Deadly Sins"

Keeping up with the “Call Me Smitty” series has been a real pleasure for me. I guess that is a funny thing to say about reading about an assassin or hitman right? The pleasure in it is not the carnage and death, the ethical questions it brings up, the constant ponderings as to whether Smitty is a good guy or a bad guy, but in the ability of the author. B.R. Stateman’s unique ability to craft a story, to draw me in, to get inside my head and make me ask those questions time and time again.…


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Another Anniversary Reached and one Totally Intense, Insane, Incredible, and Important Giveaway! Every Trestle Press Author wants YOU as a reader!

About 6 months ago I had a caller, Katherine LaHart, on my blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE call in and suggest that I do a collaboration. Personally I was floored; really, this was the last thing that I thought anybody would ask me that day. I sure didn’t wake up with that thought on my mind. Since then we, various authors and Trestle Press, have produced 22 installments of the series covering just about every genre possible except romance. Let’s face it, with names like Harry Balls, Peter…


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Forsaken Jeffrey Martin Jr. The Author's Lab/Collaboration series

Mass murder and serial killers just seem to go together so why not have two in the same story. In fact why not have one serial killer try to bring the other to justice?  And to top it off why not make the deal sweeter by…? Wait I can’t tell you that part; it would be a spoiler. I don’t do that, sorry. Here is the deal on this installment: Jeffrey Martin has come up with an insanely great character that is, well, insane, and to boot he is a serial killer with certain tastes. I would prefer…


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Harry Houdinin: a Guest Post by C.E.L. Welsh

This essay appears at the end of C.E.L. Welsh's latest work, Coffeyville, a Harry Houdini Novella, and discusses the author's love for the subject matter:

“The Story Behind The Story: Coffeyville, a Harry Houdini Novella

I am a retired magician. Actually, that may be stretching things on a few technicalities; yes, I have been paid to perform magic, and thus could have been considered a pro, but my skills never eclipsed the mildly talented. It has been years since I’ve handed…


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 Husband, father, vigilante... Mike Dalmas left Special Forces to become a dedicated family man, but when his daughter gets molested he had his revenge, killing the pervert who committed the crime.

Now the Bay City cops keep him out of jail if he takes care of their dirty work. The things their badge won't allow them to do but for which Dalmas has the right skill set.

In his first story to appear Mike Dalmas is blackmailed in saving a young girl from a known sex offender. The…


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Darren Sant "Flashes of Revenge"

Darren Sant is a man of many hats; he is a writer, he is a blogger (Close to The Bone), and I think he may drink rather heavily if there is any truth told on his blog. It seems he and his mates over there are always finding a reason to raise a pint or quart in someone’s or something’s honor. Understand, Darren Sant is a loyal subject of the Queen over there in merry old England. Why do I bring up that point? It gives you a little more understanding into his dark sense of humor, his edge and…


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Barry Eisler and a Full Week of Fun on The G-ZONE

I have a blogtalk radio show; I call it The G-ZONE, and this week there is going to be plenty of fun for just about everybody. The line-up this week goes from Christian based authors to bocce to graphic novels  to one of the book industries currently most talked about authors, a Titan in the thriller/action/suspense genre, Barry Eisler( I am a huge fan if you didn’t know). Without further ado, here is the lineup for the week all times are EST:

Monday: Brian Goins 12pm



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Lisa Taylor “The Invention” Vol.1 of the “Shana Black” series

The birth of a heroine, I love it. A brand new series by Lisa Taylor that takes us into a duel world: West Point Cadet and CIA operative. The author is a graduate of West Point, so we are getting the real deal here, and she provides us with a total gung-ho attitude with Shana Black. The universe she creates is a very unique one, the plotline and narrative very fresh for this genre, and overall it is a very nice, kick-a#@ read. If you are looking for action, suspense, thrills and a can do…


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Don't You Forget About ME!

I have found that in this new e-book age that anything that was released a month or so ago seems out of sight out mind. I have news for you; a good read is a good read no matter the age or when it was released. Just because an author doesn’t pump something out on a monthly basis and decides to wait a few months between his or her work doesn’t mean they have fallen off a cliff or into a raging volcano.

My point is this: dig a little for your next read. Look hard, look long, and enjoy…


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MIchelle Vasquez " 'Til Death Do Us Part"


In the last month Michelle Vasquez has released two digital short stories: “Second Hand Bookstore” and now “Til Death Do Us Part”. Some may say they are shocked by this, me, well, I knew she had it in her. The quick success she has attained is a testament to her hard work and ability. The thing that catches my eye about her work though is that both stories are polar opposites, one is a nice, warm and cuddly tale, the other is a hard core suspense/thriller/horror…


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Six Author’s, Six Incredible Stories, One Intense Giveaway!!!

Hi, me again, Trestle Press and some of their authors have put together what I think is one intense giveaway. Each author covers a different genre, has a different style, but they all share one common goal: They love to satisfy readers, and they would to hear from you in one way or another. What do I mean by that? Well you can follow their blogs, email them, and become their friend on any of the social websites you can find them (Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Reverb, Edgy Christian…


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Are you an avid reader or a blogger? Trestle Press wants you!

Are you a blogger or avid reader? I bet you are, and if you are then I would really like to have a discussion with you. Why? Well let me say that we have plenty for you to read and we have many benefits for participating. The fun stuff we do and have done. In my opinion is pretty different from just throwing a free read at you. We are looking for inclusion, your input, and sincere involvement in all that we do. The authors themselves are pretty pumped with the feedback they get and are more…


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And the accolades continue to roll in for one of our Trestle Press authors. Alexandrea Weis has won the Gold Medal in the Reader's Favorite Book Awards for her romantic suspense novel Recovery. Set against the backdrop of post-Katrina New Orleans, Recovery has been receiving rave reviews. Alexandrea is becoming known as a New Orleans author and her NOLA Gumbo series with Trestle Press is also creating a lot…


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